Cute! Diamond Platnumz eldest son steps out for swimming at 11 months (Photos)

Diamond Platnumz is one proud dad. So far he has accepted only three children in public. But word has it that he has a lot more out here.

He however prefers being seen with Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan who he fathered with Zari Hassan. We cannot confirm why prefers the two, but we are hoping to see him with Hamisa’s baby too.

His eldest son Nillan Dangote who will be turning 1 year in December seems to have started swimming lessons already. From the photos shared on his Instagram page seems like the young man had quite some fruitful day as his mother coached his first swimming class.

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Nillan however ended up drinking a lot of water from the pool, which is normal for most people taking swimming lessons for the first time.

My face says it all…. drunk a lot of water but will try again.


Diamond Platnumz striking resemblance with the boy

Looking at the singer and Nillan one does not need a DNA test to determine the two are related. Simba’s genes played quite some role in his son’s looks.

Trouble in paradise? “Would you welcome a guy like yourself to date your daughter” Zari Hassan shares new posts

Word has it that Diamond Platnumz spent his recent trip to Dubai with Hamisa Mobetto. Well, there are no photos of the two to prove this but there seems to be some element of truth.

While in Dubai the singer was spotted hanging out with the same lady Hamisa Mobetto was photographed with. This raised mixed reactions on social media as Hamisa Mobetto team went ahead to troll Zari. Others however felt that it was not a big deal since Diamond Platnumz is a Muslim and can marry four wives!

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All this occurred during the weekend but Zari Hassan seemed unbothered. However, early this morning she shared a few posts via snapchat that indicate she had already received the news.

Zari Hassan responds

Well, just like her other posts the mother of 5 did not mention any names. But from how she poured out her heart seems that her feelings got hurt. Zari went on to question ‘players’ if they would be comfortable welcoming men like themselves to date their daughters? She wrote:

This is not the first time she is sharing ‘random thoughts’ on social media…and won’t be the last as she always goes back to her man!

Here is why Zari Hassan cancelled her trip to Kenya

Zarinah Hassan was expected to jet in the country for a business workshop set to go down on November 17th. But the Ugandan businesswoman has now announced that she will not be part of the conference.

Diamond Platnumz baby mama revealed this through her Instagram page where she wrote saying:

“I know so many were excited and looking forward to this weekend and so was I, but due to unforeseen circumstances on the side of the organizers of the event I will not be coming to the Founders Enterprenuership Forum taking place on Nov.17th. I will keep you informed of any changes or developments.”

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From her statement, Zari hints that something went wrong on the side of the organizers making it hard for her. Her presence was however important at the Founders Entrepreneurship Forum as she was to educate young entrepreneurs on Leveraging Social Media To Build Your Brand and Building An Educational Empire.

Zari’s businesses

From what we know is that Zari has not only taken over late ex husband’s businesses but has her own businesses. Over the years she has helped Diamond Platnumz build a bigger and better brand that has seen him land big deals with international artists.

She may look just like a baby mama but Zari has proven to have both beauty and brains!

Savage! Zari’s reaction after fan tells her Diamond Platnumz is meeting Hamisa in Dubai

After her expensive trips to London with her hubby, Zari Hassan is now back in South Africa. However, word has it that Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz will be hooking up in Dubai.

This was revealed by a close source of both Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz. According to the rumors, the Tanzanian singer flew his second baby mama in business class flight. He will however Jet in this Friday as he is expected to perform for his fans living in the Arab country.

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Hamisa Mobetto’s fans however chose to use this information against Zari Hassan. Through their various Instagram accounts they all tagged Zari in the screenshot reporting that Hamisa and Diamond Platnumz are set to meet.

Zari’s response

However, seems that the Ugandan socialite was not ready for this. In the comment section Zari decided to hit back with a savage comment that has left many shocked. Not that she is really bothered but Zari Hassan has proven to be used to her man’s ways. She commented to say.

The last laugh

Even after Zari went live on Instagram to troll Hamisa Mobetto and her son…seems that someone now has the last laugh!

Diamond Platnumz rumored to have flown his favorite baby Mama to Dubai ahead of his show (Details)

Word making rounds on social media is that Hamisa Mobetto has left Tanzania. The lady shared a few photos and video on her Instagram page but did not reveal her destination.

However close sources to Diamond Platnumz have revealed that the lady is in Dubai. She apparently flew ahead of Baba Tee but her main reason for this trip is to spend time with Diamond Platnumz.. Hamisa Mobetto’s business class flight and hotel is also said to have been fully paid by Diamond Platnumz.

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Well the Tanzanian singer will also be in the Arab country on the 16th. From his posts, he is to perform for his Dubai fans while he spends time with his second baby mama.

Hamisa’s reasons for travelling

The lady is apparently using her new clothes business as a cover up. She apparently told her fans that she will be bringing new stock for them soon. However, word has it that she will be with Diamond Platnumz after his trip to London where he spent time with Zari Hassan.

Zari taunts Hamisa Mobetto as court throws out child support case filed against Diamond

Zari and her husband Diamond finally have the last laugh. Dar es Salaam ruled in their favor in the child support case filed by Hamisa Mobetto.

Mobetto sued Diamond on October 5th demanding Kes 230,000 monthly child upkeep for their son. Diamond contested the demand stating that he couldn’t afford to pay the amount.

Kisutu Juvenile Court in Dar es Salaam on Friday 10th November threw out the child support case. Magistrate Devotha Kisoka gave her ruling after listening to submissions by both Mobetto and Diamond’s lawyers.

The court also failed to compel Diamond to issue an official apology as demanded by Mobetto. The lass separately sued her baby daddy for defamation. She claims Diamond called her a loose woman for for sleeping with him behind Zari’s back.

Zari rejoices

Zari and Hamisa Mobeto were embroiled in catfight on SnapChat before the court ruling. Zari says Mobetto lacks dignity in pursuit of the child support money.

Zari couldn’t hide her joy after the court ruled in her husband’s favor. She taunted Mobetto in her post on social media after Kisutu Juvenile Court threw out the child support case.

“Out here rising above the noise….. #StreetsOfLondon,” Zari captioned one of the photos she shared on social media.

The mother of five accompanied her husband to United Kingdom. Diamond is in London for business, he also attended 2017 MTV EMA.



“B**wait for the next guy to take over!” Zari and Hamisa Mobeto tear into each other as Diamond returns to court

Diamond will today Thursday November 9th know his fate in a child support case filed against him. Hamisa Mobeto and Zari are fighting over the said child support case.

Hamisa Mobeto sued Diamond demanding Kes 230,000 monthly upkeep for their son. Diamond contests the demand stating that he can’t afford to pay the amount.

Diamond’s case will be heard on Thursday November 9th at the Dar es salaam juvenile court. The ‘Hallelujah’ hit maker will be represented by his lawyer as he’s in UK to headline a concert in London.

Zari and Hamisa Mobeto fight

Meanwhile Diamond’s baby mamas are busy hurling insults at each other. Zari and Hamisa Mobeto were embroiled in another catfight on SnapChat.

Zari says Mobeto lacks dignity in pursuit of child support money. She encourages her to seek support from the next man she dates.

“It’s the same way that he’s gonna take you out…Me Im gonna ask for child support from you…from who..Me Zari, I will walk away with all my dignity, They are your kids why does the b**** have to fight for child support, he is your child go and support him…If you don’t support your kids, it’s fine, nigga move, let the next nigger take over,” Zari rants.

Mobeto replies by dragging Ivan into the fight. She says Zari hid her ex husband’s death for a while so that she could have enough time to seize the deceased’s wealth.

“Some woman who had to claim her dead husband was still alive because she needed enough time to flex for what to use to bring her children up, is not ashamed to call another a b***** and tell her to wait for the next man to take up the responsibility?”

Watch how the whole drama unfolded in the video below:


Zari shares a photo of Diamond Platnumz with ‘no clothes’ on

The power couple is back! Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz and his baby mama have lately been spotted hanging out together.

Currently the two in London where the singer is set to perform at an upcoming event this weekend.

Seems that they arrived early the two have been sharing videos through their snapchats accounts showing fans what they have been up to. Zari however seems to be having fun since she got her man back – even after he cheated on her!

A few hours ago, the bosslady shared a short snap in their hotel bathroom looking all dressed up while her baby daddy is seen on the background hiding behind her back with no clothes on.

Zari also happened to caption the photo saying;

Am some and he has another hour to dress?

Are they back together?

We cannot confirm this since the two have always had an on and off relationship. But word on the street is that Diamond Platnumz can’t afford to leave Zari since she has helped him get a lot of deals for his career.

Hamisa Mobetto in trouble for sharing this commercial video featuring Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan

A few weeks ago Hamisa Mobetto shared a video of Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz advertising Danube, a popular store in Tanzania. We however understand she did this since the video was shot to mock her and in return she decided to upload it on her Instagram as a way of showing her feelings were not hurt.

The video raised a lot of mixed reactions on social media as fans rushed to call out Zari and Diamond for pulling such a ‘cheap stunt’….for the sake of more money.

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However, we have now learnt that the owners of the Danube store recently asked Hamisa Mobetto t pull down the video as she was not part of the agreed team who were supposed to share the video on social media.

In the detailed letter, they wrote saying:

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Hamisa served!
Hamisa served!

Not quite sure if Hamisa will follow the instructions given in the letter but all in all she has lately been attracting attention and I bet this is not about to stop.

Zari gives trolls a dressing down following claims that she’s just an idler at Ivan’s college in South Africa

Zari hasn’t taken it lightly that people are questioning her work ethic. Trolls claims that the mother of five is just slaying at work.

A committee of four members formed to determine how the late Ivan Ssemwanga’s assets would be managed gave Zari control of her late ex husband’s college in South Africa.

Zari now manages chain of Brooklyn City College in Johannesburg. Her job in Joburg is the reason why she stays in SA with her kids while Diamond stays in Tanzania.

Netizens question Zari’s work ethic

Boss Lady is always seen taking selfies while she’s at work at Brooklyn City College. Some people claim Zari is just a poster girl for publicity at the college.

Zari however responded to netizens who claimed she is just another idler.  She says that she takes selfies right before she starts her work or after she’s done working.

“Ati what time do you work while you always taking pics….. shortly before i start or right after am done…. learn to prioritise. Just because I post them during the day doesn’t mean I spend the whole day taking them. This was before my reception staff got here 7.10am. Washamba nyinyi???… you gon learn!!!! ?,” wrote Zari.



Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz daughter picks a skin disease from school, this is how it is affecting her!

Tiffah Dangote is among the most popular children we have come to know in East Africa. She is barely 5 years but so far many artists have been mentioning her name in their songs and I bet this is because she is Diamond and Zari’s only only baby girl!

Anyway just recently I happened to bump into a photo shared on Tiffah Dangote’s page revealing that she happened to catch a skin disease from school and it has now started affecting her hair.

From the caption it is easy to see that the post was shared by her mum who wrote to say,

I have beautiful hair and no it’s not the braids causing problems. I had a skin disease i picked from school. Let my hair be, it will grow back soon?good morning.

Looking at the photo shared on Tiffah’s page it’s not quite visible to see some of the effects apart from the the brownish color it has.

Check out the lady post below:

Tiffah’s post

“Shetani ameanza kuwapitia jirani zangu Kenya” Zari Hassan fires shots at Hamisa Mobetto for beefing with Vera Sidika

Things just got interesting now that Zari Hassan has revealed how she feels about Hamisa Mobetto. The mother of 5 shared a new post a few hours ago where she described ‘the other woman’ in her man’s life as the devil…revealing how she feels about the video vixen.

This comes shorty after Hamisa Mobetto and Vera Sidika started beefing over a small issue that has left many speculating that Vera Sidika had been plotting to ride on Hamisa Mobetto’ fame (after giving birth to Diamond Platnumz son) and since the opportunity had presented itself…Vera grabbed it!

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And now her bestie, Zari Hassan has come out to notify fans that she has been watching from the sidelines and from her post she is indeed supporting Vera Sidika for bashing Hamisa Mobetto. Zari uploaded a bathroom self and captioned to say,


However she pulled down the post but luckily I had managed to take a screenshot. Check out the post below;

Zari Hassan's post
Zari Hassan’s post3

Lanes! Proof that Zari Hassan is playing on a higher level compared to Wema Sepetu and Hamisa Mobetto, this is how she was received in Tanzania (Video)

One thing about Tanzanian fans is that they treat their celebrities like real stars to a point where they come up with teams i.e Team Zari and team Wema.

In the past we have seen fans come out to support their Tanzanian celebrities but nothing can be compared to the crowd that availed themselves at Zari’s launch for the ‘Danube home’ in Mlimani city in Tanzania.

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Zari Hassan at Danube
Zari Hassan at Danube in Mlimani mall

From the videos making rounds on social media we have every reason to believe that 1000 plus people just availed themselves to see the Ugandan socialite and Diamond Platnumz baby mama in person for the first time.

Wasafi records security personnel’s who accompanied Zari Hassan at some point are seen trying to push people away to create room for the lass to move and though the mall’s security team was present to help…Mama Tiffah almost got stuck or rather lost in the crowd.

Part 2…… honoured to be in the presence of The Minister of Trade (Tanzania)

A post shared by Zari (@zarithebosslady) on Oct 14, 2017 at 10:22am PDT

This is the first time we are seeing her receive such treatment and though she might not be in good terms with her man, there is no doubt that she is now a Tanzanian sweetheart.

Boss ladies are meeting in town! Zari Hassan set to meet up with Betty Kyallo

Diamond’s estranged wife Zari Hassan will be flying to Nairobi. She is slated to attend a powerful meeting that brings together movers and shakers from East Africa.

A handful of celebs are lined up for The Founders Entrepreneurship Forum (TEFO) 2017. Zari, Betty Kyallo, Adelle Onyango are among them.

TEFO aims at bringing entrepreneurs together from all industries in the context of starting, running and growing a business.

Billionaires attending TEFO

Manufacturing dynamo Darshan Chandaria (Chandaria Industries Group CEO) and onetime Kenya’s richest man Vimal Shah are among high profile business leaders lined up to speak at TEFO.

TEFO 2017 will be held on 17th November in Nairobi. The agenda this year is to create a platform to engage, inspire and motivate young entrepreneurs towards sustainable growth for businesses.

Both Betty Kyallo and Zari Hassan are among keynote speakers at TEFO. This will be Zari’s first public appearance since the drama with Diamond.



Zari brushes off rumors claiming she dumped Diamond Platnumz, she reveals why they are still standing strong

Talk about an on and off relationship! For a minute there many thought that Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz story was done but this is not the case. The couple is still strong despite the many rumors claiming that they split after the Hamisa scandal that saw many online users talk.

Well, Zari has spoken for the first time to reveal that her relationship with Diamond Platnumz (the father of her two younger children) is still intact but unlike before the two are aiming at keeping their relationship off social media.
This comes a few weeks after she deleted all his pictures from her Instagram page and her children’s Instagram bio.

Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz and their daughter, Tiffah
Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz and their daughter, Tiffah

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Speaking to a popular Tanzanian tabloid the lady justified her actions by saying;

“… I did wish him (a happy birthday) though not publicly via the Whatsup.We’re trying to take our personal life away from social media. And the more we trying to take it away from social media the more its reaction on social media but there is nothing like that everything is fine,”

According to Zari…they are still working together on all the projects they signed despite facing ‘normal’ relationship issues like everyone else. She concluded by saying;

“…There is a little bit of issue going on but there is nothing like that but we do understand the contract we have with Gmnetic company and we will continue to work as per our agreement so there is really nothing to worry about. I mean there is going to be all sorts of drama because we are two big celebrities but when it comes to endorsements we take them seriously because it is our work,”

It is a bit confusing to conclude where the two stand but since Zari Hassan says they are still together, then I guess that is what fans will go with.

Boss lady: Zari Hassan lands a major deal with Mercedes Benz that will see her smile all the way to the bank

Mother of 5, Zari Hassan is proving to be a lady who does not let her private matters affect her when it comes to making money. So far we all know that she is an independent woman who works hard for her money and even her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz also knows it too.

After breaking up with the Tanzanian star, Zari Hassan has been trying to prove to her fans that things are just going as usual on her end and her latest posts have proved this.

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

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The lady is believed to have closed a major deal  with a Mercedes Benz company based in South Africa where she will now be playing the role of their brand ambassador due to her popularity in Africa but mostly in East Africa.

For the meeting she stepped out in a blue suit which she paired with a white shirt making her look like a boss lady ready to make millions. Her captions on the photos also indicate that the business meeting went on just fine and Zarina will now be smiling all the way to her ban account.

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

Zari reveals why she refused to accompany Diamond to Kampala for a three-day carnival

Diamond Platnumz safely handed in Kampala, Uganda ahead of a three-day carnival even as his wife Zari Hassan was missing in action.

Zari, who deleted all photos of Diamond from her social media accounts signalling the end of their relationship, revealed she had other engagements couldn’t make it to Kampala City Carnival. It was earlier reported that she would attend the carnival which Diamond will headline.

“Unfortunately I will not be attending the Kampala charity festival as advertised by some blogs due to personal commitments. Hope u enjoy,” Zari tweeted on Wednesday October 4th before she deleted Diamond’s photos.

The Kampala City Carnival is three-day event which kicks off this Friday October 6th. The carnival incorporates several events including a charity concert to raise money for the refurbishment of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) primary schools.

Diamond Platnumz and KCCA boss Jennifer Musisis when she visited her at his office in Dar in July to seal the Kampala City Carnival deal

The charity concert will be held at Kololo Independence grounds and Diamond Platnumz is the main act, several Ugandan artistes will also perform.




Zari Hassan removes Diamond Platnumz names from her children’s instagram pages

From the way Zari Hassan has been acting of late seems that her relationship with Diamond Platnumz is over for good and there might not be turning back.

The lady yesterday pulled down all Diamond Platnumz photos from her Instagram page confirming that things were over between her and the fella.

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Her latest move today was pulling down his names from her children’s Instagram bio where she had earlier written “Zari and Diamond Platnmuz son and daughter” on the toddlers pages.

It is however early to know whether this is the end between the two as they have both had an on and off relationship for a while now. But since Diamond Platnumz cheated on her with Hamisa it could be the end.

Anyway below are screenshots of the new information Zari put on Nillan and Tiffah’s instagram page.

Zari deletes Diamond Platnnumz name from Nillan's Instagram page
Zari deletes Diamond Platnnumz name from Nillan’s Instagram page


Zari deletes Diamond Platnnumz name from Tiffah's Instagram page
Zari deletes Diamond Platnnumz name from Tiffah’s Instagram page

‘Mother of five in a row’ Zari Hassan parades her figure in gym wear as she takes shots at haters

Call her bosslady or Zari Hassan but there is no stopping this Ugandan socialite who for the longest time now has been giving East Africans something to talk about.

Well the 35 year old mother of 5 has faced it all but what makes her special is the fact that she believes in herself and from what I hear, she is one hardworking lady.

Just a few hours ago the lady decided to add another photo that seems to be taking shots at those who have been discussing her after Diamond Platnumz played her with video vixen, Hamisa Mobetto.

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The post which aims at showing off her perfect body left many drooling over her figure – as others tried to inquire what her secret is when it comes to have such an amazing figure. I however think this post was to remind her haters who have been comparing her with Hamisa Mobetto – who the boss is!

She is not afraid to admit that she is a mother of 5 kids who keep her going now and then…but she proud to have maintained her figure even after giving birth to the children back to back. She wrote saying;

Zari Hassan's figure
Zari Hassan’s figure

Just gotta know when to be a mom, a business woman but most of all.. find time for yourself #TeamFitness

Now you can understand why Diamond Platnumz is still obsessed with this lady who never lets her personal issues get in the way of being somebody better each day.

Proof that Zari Hassan is no different from most women in our society when it comes to love

Many understand that Zari Hassan has had a tough relationship with Diamond Platnumz where she has been embarrassed and judged by many for loving the Tanzanian singer.

Some of the things she has faced in the public eye have left many ladies saying that they would never stick around such a man but come on…this is just cheap talk as I know many ladies have faced worse experiences and are still with their men.

Zari Hassan

I have compiled a list of things as to why she is no different from most ladies including wives and girlfriends.

1.Committed: Just like Zari is committed to Diamond Platnumz this is the same way you find wives and girlfriends acting. They would never cheat or put their relationships in a compromising position despite knowing the fella is creeping with other women

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2.Ignorant: Yes…they never pay attention to the small details showing why they should walk out of their relationship. To them – having a man by their side is more important than their happiness which is something we have seen in Zari.

3.Selfless: They are willing to sacrifice whatever they have just to make their men happy. In Zari’s case we have seen her fly in and out of South Africa to go see her man and despite having his family bad mouth her – she tries to stay friendly.

Zari and Diamond dining together after he publicly embarrassed her

4.Hardworking: Since they expect nothing from their men, these women tend to work hard just to make sure their families don’t lack anything. This is the same thing that Zari Hassan does…even when dating a big star like Diamond she continues to work harder in her businesses to ensure her sons and daughter will never sleep hungry.

5.Family oriented: I must say this is just for the few women who value the worth of having a family. Just like Zari Hassan who knows her man cheated on her with Hamisa Mobetto…she is still with Diamond Platnumz for the sake of her children who need their father in their lives.


Too much cuteness: Here is enough proof that Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto’s sons look alike

Hamisa Mobetto and Zari Hassan may not get along but these ladies have every reason to be thankful for their children who will one day end up schooling in the same school or even become friends when they are older.

Having been involved with Diamond Platnumz the two now have sons, Nilan Dangote and Abdul Naseeb who look like twins despite their age difference. The two boys also look like their father especially around the mouth area making it hard for one to tell the two apart.

I have however compiled a few photos of the boys to help you see how alike the two are. If you haven’t had the chance to compare the two babies then the photos below will help you see what I am talking about:

Prince Abdul Naseeb

Prince Abdul Naseeb
Prince Nilan
Prince Nilan
Prince Nilan
Prince Nilan
Prince Nilan

Never before seen photos of  Zari Hassan that prove her doctors have been doing quite some good job to give her the ’20 year old’ look

Zari Hassan is a smart woman who started off as a socialite when in her early 20’s. She however graduated to a singer after marrying her late ex husband Ivan Don who changed her life over night.

She instantly become famous and if you did not know she also happens to have a couple of music videos on instagram from back in the day.  What’s more surprising is that she now looks younger than back in the day leaving me wondering whether she has been enhancing her looks.

Judging from the videos I came across there is no doubt that the mother of 5 has definitely had some work done on her and this is because she can afford the expensive surgeries that have been making her look like a 20 year old girl.

Anyway, below are a few photos I bumped into of the lady from  back in 2012.

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

4 Potential boyfriends in the Kenyan entertainment industry Zari Hassan should be thinking of

Zari Hassan might be hitting 35 years in a few weeks but the lass looks like a 20-something year old lady. This is because even with 5 kids, the lady has maintained the art of looking young and having fun whenever possible.

Right now we don’t know what fate has in store for her and her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz but this should not be an issue. Like they say, there are plenty more fish in the sea, meaning she can get the man she wants at any given time.

Diamond Platnumz, Zari Hassan, Harmonize with his girlfriend

I have compiled a list of Kenyan celebrities that seem to be the perfect fit for the lady who seems to have a soft spot for the fast life.


Prezzo : Just like Diamond Platnumz he enjoys the company of beautiful ladies here and there but all in all we have seen him appreciate his official girlfriends by posting lovey dovey photos on his gram. Pocket wise – well I guess he can take care of Zari’s needs since he runs the Makini empire!


Ringtone: This particular gospel singer has been looking for a wife for quite some time now and since he owns a couple of mansions and drives classy cars…then Ringtone can definitely also gives Zari Hassan the publicity she loves.

Ringtone’s Ranger Rover

Mustafa: Not sure where to begin but…Mustafa could be a good fit as he is a tall fella and one who doesn’t like take negative vibe from haters. Well, this is one thing the two share in common therefore it wouldn’t be hard for them to click – not forgetting their age difference which seems perfect.

Uncle Muss with ex girlfriend at the gym

Willy Paul: I hear he has been looking for the perfect woman to settle down with therefore if given a chance I bet controversial gospel singer Willy Paul would play the perfect boyfriend role for Zari Hassan. A young man like him definitely needs an ambitious woman who is ready to sweat for her own money instead of depending on the ‘little’ he makes from his career….not forgetting Willy Paul Msafi draws his inspiration from Diamond Platnumz, right?

Willy and Diamond at Wasafi records

“A man is yours when you are with him” Huddah taking shots at ex-friend Zari Hassan?

Meanwhile while everyone is talking about Hamisa and Diamond Platnumz….seems that even Kenyan celebrities are also interested in the tea judging from Huddah’s post.

Through her gram stories the now business lady who is having the time of her life in South Africa wrote saying;

Huddah’s post

A man is yours when you are with him. When he is out he is ours! We share???

Well, without even asking we all know that this was definitely directed to Zari who once called her out for sleeping with Diamond Platnumz about 2 years ago.

However with all the efforts that Zari has been making to keep her man off other women skirts, the singer has proven to be one man who cannot be tamed.

Huddah’s post

Anyway, I guess this is the time the likes of Huddah will continue firing shots at Zari who is now facing a lot of issues with her relationship.

Diamond Platnumz finally confesses to fathering Hamisa Mobetto’s son, begs Zari for forgiveness

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has finally faced up to his mistakes while speaking to popular Tanzanian radio station, CloudsFM where he admitted to have had an affair with Hamisa Mobetto who is the mother of his 2 month old baby boy.

Hamisa Mobetto’s message

His confession however comes a few months after he publicly denied to have been involved with the video vixen he featured on Salome – one of the biggest hits he dropped about a year ago.

Speaking during the interview the young man says that he is sorry to have cheated on the mother of his children, Zari and goes on to blame the devil for the mistakes he made.

He also went on to apologize saying that he is still sorry and hopes Zari will forgive him as he is not planning to leave her for any other woman.

With all this said and done Zari has maintained her silence and hopefully she will speak about this issue as no one knows whether she will continue dating the young man.

  1. Photo credits; CloudsFM

Wema Sepetu’s warning to Zari about Diamond’s infidelity

Diamond dated Wema Sepetu before she dumped him. Wema was Zari’s biggest threat to her marriage until of course Hamisa Mobeto and Dillish Mathews came into the picture.

Wema and Zari have quarrelled and attacked each other on social media a zillion times. But their brawl in 2016 reveals something alarming.

In 2016, Zari took shots at Wema Sepetu in the DMs; she taunted her saying Diamond was all hers and sarcasitcally said she enjoyed whatever Wema was missing.

“Fake cars fake houses fake men fake everything but they r here to judge…yall look like u just had a fight with a tiger grrrrrr… we feel your pain Dee is a loving man. i know what u missing but guess wha i gat it all to myself. Sent to hell on a one way ticket buried 6ft under. #kasepa #HeIsHappyNow,” Zari message to Wema Sepetu read.

Wema responded by reminding Zari that she was the one who left Diamond and that she doesn’t miss him at all. She also said Diamond had several other women that she (Zari) shouldn’t be threatened by her.

Well, Wema’s warning came to haunt Zari in 2017. While she was still beefing with Hamisa Mobeto then came news about Diamond’s sexapade with Dillish Mathews in Zanzibar.