¨They always eat their vomit back!¨ Zari Hassan ruthlessly claps back at car hire trolls

Zari Hassan has been slapped back and forth with claims she hires material items, just to flaunt them on the gram.

Items on the lead are her high-end vehicles which many have been made to believe are nothing but either hired or borrowed.

Blogger, Mange Kimambi just 2 years ago, in 2018, insinuated Zari´s Range Rover was hired for clout.

Mange Kimambi broiled a fight with Zari Hassan after claims that Zari hires cars for clout

Funny enough, two years down the line, Zari still cruises her British machine and does not understand how one can hire a car for a whooping 2 years just to prove haters wrong.

Posing next to her pearly white ride, Mama Tiffah shared a photo of her allegedly ´hired´ Range Rover and a keen fan was quick to ask:

Isn’t this the same car some old fool woman kept saying you had hired to show off on social media…. Imagine hiring it until now! She surely ate quite a lot of her vomit. Some women can’t stand seeing other women go high up thanks to their hard work, they think everyone must live a fake life and go hanging in bars looking for old pensioners to help them live this same typa life.


An impressed Zari soon after bashed:

@dbxxstore they always eat their vomit????back. Heheh????

Another follower commented:

issed out on this jist. That woman should be a big joker, how can the boss Zari the money making machine hire a car? When she can just buy great cars within second. People too jealous sha


¨That´s bitchcrafty¨ Zari calls out media blog for claiming she inherited the mansion in Uganda

Zari Hassan might have lost close to everything after the demise of her tycoon ex-husband, Ivan ‘Don’ Ssemwanga but she had the mind of an investor.

Zari spent a part of the Festive season with her sons in Uganda but her luxurious mansion and fleet of fuel guzzlers is what caught the attention of many.

Unfortunately, to majority, the mother of 5 could not have acquired all that from her own sweat. Many alleging that her late ex-husband had a large input in her wealth.


A gossip blog, as reported by Pulse Live Kenya, apparently stated that the posh mansion Zari was flaunting was actually an inheritance from the late Ivan.

Zari got wind of the news and she came out in a bid to clarify on the reports. Additionally bashing the blog for ´spreading rumors´.

According to Mama Tiffah, she built the house from scratch with her own hard-earned money till its completion.

Get your facts right, I never inherited this house. It was never Ivan´s. I built this on my own from scratch!!!! Y´all can´t stand a person´s success. That´s bitchcrafty.


Yes, the married couple co-owned businesses they co-founded together and after Ivan´s demise, Zari inherited majority of his property and businesses as stated in his will.

However, the house Zari flaunted online was not among the properties she took over.

Zari Hassan reveals that she owns 5 personal cars as King Bae is set to gift her a Bentley

Zari Hasssan is unarguably slaying goals and her amassed wealth is top of the list as she comes out to reveal her wealth and worth.

Speaking to Ayo TV, the entrepreneur sheds light on the multiple high-end cars that she is occasionally seen with.


Up and close with Millard Ayo, the South-African based socialite reveals:

Hizo gari zote zenye naendesha, sio zangu, ni zake.


However, that might be the fact but it is evident that King Bae is a chilled out guy as she adds:

But I mean, the fact that I´m his woman, lazima.

And yeye sio mtu wa social media, yeye sio mtu wa show-off kama mimi.

Ananiambia no baby these cars look so good on you.

It´s okay.

You´re my woman, go do your thing.

She cites that she would be lying if she said all the big engines are hers.


However, that does not mean she owns no cars and if anything, she owns at least 5.

Mimi nina gari zangu kama tatu.

Nina Chrysler voyager ni van flani hivi, nina Mercedes Benz nina Range Rover pia.


Unfortunately, that is only in South Africa, now let´s get to the land famous for matoke:

Uganda nina gari mbili.

Nina Chrysler ingine tena 300c, nikakuwa na convertible.

So in total, nina about 5 cars.


Yes, 5 she counts, all high-end but let´s not forget her all-grown boys drive too:

Na sihesabu zile gari watoto wameridhi.

Her engagement

The curvy beauty has Mr M prove that she is priceless because Zari confirms that that is just a tip of the iceberg because King Bae is her to spoil her to bits:

Na very soon nitakuwa napata my own Bentley, that´s gonna be my present from him.

That´s more like my engagement present.

Nishafanya my engagement.

My ring is being custom-made coz I wanted something different.

So we already got to that, I´m just waiting for my ring to come on.

The Boss Lady however failed to disclose details about the cost of her ring.