Zari Hassan Advises People In Relationships To Be Wary Of Slowing Partners

Ugandan-South African businesswoman Zari Hassan, has offered some sage advice to those in relationships, suggesting that a sudden decline in their partner’s attention could be a sign of infidelity.

In an Instagram story, Hassan shared a thought-provoking analogy, comparing a slowing partner to a congested Wi-Fi network.

“A wise man once said, if your Wi-Fi connection starts to slow down, it means more people are using it,” she wrote. “This is not about Wi-Fi, read it again.”

Hassan’s relationship advice comes on the heels of her recent white wedding, which she has exclusively sold to Netflix for their upcoming show, “The Young Famous and African.” During an interview with a Ugandan TV station, she revealed, “Shakib and I had our wedding in South Africa, and we sold the exclusive rights to Netflix for their upcoming show, ‘The Young Famous and African.’ Those who want to know what happened should wait for the new season.”

The couple first exchanged vows in April of this year during a private Nikkah ceremony attended by close family members. For her bride price, Hassan requested a Quran, a choice that surprised even her husband.

“I have had everything I have ever wanted in this world. God has blessed me. I have a beautiful life, my kids are okay, and my business is thriving. And I get gigs here and there,” she explained to a Tanzanian journalist. “I’m blessed enough… so for me, I only asked my husband for a Quran because I’m trying to up my faith game. I’m a Muslim too sometimes. He was even surprised when I told him that.”

Hassan’s decision to prioritize spiritual enrichment over material possessions reflects her personal growth and commitment to deepening her faith. Her advice on relationships, while metaphorical, highlights the importance of communication, trust, and addressing any concerns that may arise in a partnership.

Why Zari can only date young men

Zari is once more making headlines after she defended herself from online trolls who were asking her about her relationship with her Ben 10 and for some reason unknown to us (more sensible people), she took the bait.

Zari Claps Back At Fans Criticizing Her For Dating Younger Men

And in her defence, she explained that she is not actually dating a young man, he is apparently just genetically gifted and looks younger than his age:

”He’s not young. He does look young. I am literally turning 42 this year, but you wouldn’t tell. Unless if you know me. Some of us had babies when we were young and we started growing with our kids. Why is it okay when men date younger girls, it is okay?”

Zari Hassan accused of theft, she responds

And then she went on to the “whataboutism” argument asking her fans whether they keep the same energy when discussing older men dating younger women.

GK Choppa with Zari

But the thing her is that Zari is doing what would come naturally given a woman in her advanced age doesn’t have a lot of dating options.

‘You’re Not Supposed To See What I See’-Zari Defends Her Ben 10 Boyfriend From Critics (Screenshot)

And we see that with a lot of other female celebrities who focused on themselves at the expense of relationships. When their careers slow down, they immediately move to dating younger, less established men (often like me, in their 20s) but men who are willing to ride the older woman’s success wave than creating their own.

Zari joins the likes of Larsa Pippen, Nicki Minaj (her beau is not younger but he is a Pookie), Britanny Rener and the rest who have dabbled in either younger men or less successful men because they realised that no man within or around their tax bracket wants to deal with them.

Andrew Kibe Reacts To Zari Going For Younger Men (Video)

Think about it this way, Zari is a 40+ year-old woman who has 5 children by 2 different men. Both those men were high-value men. Ivan was a successful Ugandan businessman based in South Africa and Diamond Platnumz is yeah… You know who he is.

She has 5 children! Do you honestly think any 40-year-old woman who we would consider high value views her the same way she does him? I mean, he would be the type of man who has the world at his feet. He can get any babe he wants. He can still start a family and he has a plethora of women chasing after him. Meanwhile, she is a chain and ball looking for men.

Zari Bags Herself Yet Another ‘Ben 10’ Boyfriend (Video)

No man worth his salt wants to deal with other men’s children. Hell, women need to think twice about whether or not they want these men around their children. You really need to acquaint yourself with The Cinderella Effect.

So who is left for Zari but a young man whose mind has been filled with cougar fantasies due to porn videos they are addled by. Someone who will not be at the point in their lives where they are trying to impose their will on the world. A little boy who has strong Oedipus complex issues.


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Zari Hassan needs to enjoy Ivan’s wealth in peace and silence

Zari Hassan has been talking about the money and wealth she inherited from Ivan Ssemwanga in a very dismissive way and we have to admit that we are tired of listening to her try to gaslight us and act like she made herself sans Ivan Ssemwanga. The truth is, we all know the truth and we have no issue with her enjoying that wealth but she needs to do so silently.

Life is for the living: Zari Hassan comes clean on inheriting late husband’s wealth

She recently spoke on the matter and had this to say about the fact that a lot of Ugandans are calling her out for claiming the self-made title when we know better:

I never inherited anything from him. There were times we drove a car whose doors wouldn’t even open, but people did not know that.But now when someone sees you posting a Lamborghini they say ‘she inherited it.

The late Ivan Ssemwanga with his youngest son

But the truth of the matter is that we know the truth. Zari did not start out her life living in the lap of luxury. She was a village girl whose beauty managed to get the attention of men with means, resources and connections. That is how she began her climb to the top of the tax bracket. One of those men was Ivan Ssemwanga.

“He almost suffocated me” Zari Hassan on living with an insecure and a*****e husband

I will not spend a lot of time speaking about a deceased man (God bless the dead) but he was the brains behind the business empire Zari is currently at the helm of. Actually, she is at the helm of said empire simply as a custodian for her children’s inheritance.

This is actually where we see her brilliance truly begin to shine through. She is running the business in such a way that there is not just a lot for her children to inherit but also for her to have when she eventually is forced to walk away from managing her late ex-husband’s properties and businesses.

Take notes: Zari Hassan explains how most women end up in t***c relationships

So why does she continually try to make us forget the fact that we can put two and two together and realised a long time ago that she only gained the courage to leave Diamond Platnumz after her position as the custodian of Ivan’s wealth in place of his children?

Zari Hassan’s boys

Then again, there are a lot of people who had bought into her boss-lady persona which was put out on social media long before she had any real accomplishments and businesses to show for it. Back when she was Diamond Platnumz’ baby mama cum stay at home wife.

The official heir of Ivan Ssemwanga’s properties finally named

Anyway, what do I know? Perhaps, her cognitive dissonance is only fuelled by the number of people she gets to buy into her delusions of grandeur. So yes, she is a self-made businesswoman who had a hand in all the businesses Ivan Ssemwanga built. And yes, she was a doting mother to her sons while they lived with Ivan who had full custody of the boys and she was an ever-present force that guided his business decisions.

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Zari needs to stop dating and focus on raising her children

Zari Hassan needs to take a step away from the dating market and focus more on raising her children because she is a mother to two toddlers who cannot afford to keep seeing their mother with a revolving door of men.

Zari Hassan reveals why she broke up with Nigerian boyfriend, thee dark Stallion

She recently took to social media to announce that her and her most recent boyfriend, Dark Stallion or whatever it was that she called him, had gone their separate ways as she did not find him mentally stimulating.

Zari’s new relationship went to the crapper as expected

Ofcourse Zari would shift the blame of her umpteenth relationship failure on the men because we have yet to see her take any accountability for the fact that she has dated many men but has been unable to lock a single one down.

‘Kwani Mlirudiana?’ Fans React After Diamond & Zari Feature In The Same Reality Show

Well, that isn’t exactly accurate and fair to her. She did manage to lock down the late Ivan Ssemwanga but that relationship or rather marriage ended when she got a taste of fame and then later started blaming him for the end of that marriage because he was “abusive”.

Zari Hassan
Zari with her ex

Then came Diamond Platnumz and they hadn’t been together 3-months by the time she was announcing that she had baby trapped the leading African superstar… And when she got a second child after attempting to strong-arm Mondi into a marriage, Zari again blamed him when that relationship died.

Weuh! “I want to work with Johnny Sins” Zari Hassan’s son reveals (Photo)

There was King Bae and all his 10 incarnations as she tried to make her ex, Diamond jealous and none of them stayed with her. But we need to look beyond her and see why this revolving door of men is a problem.

Zari was busy sharing thirst traps instead of nurturing her relationship

Zari is a single mother of 5 children. One of her children, Tiffah, is a daughter. She is sitting down and watching her mother’s bedroom get as much foot traffic as a bus station. And if you think this will not damage her, you’re probably a dense feminist or Nick Ndeda.

Basically, her mother is teaching her that she is a piece of meat. That when she gets older, she should conduct herself like a butchery. That is why even as a toddler, she is constantly paraded in immodest garb and heavy makeup.

And then her sons are being taught that men are simply meant to use and dump women. They have no format of what a healthy relationship looks like. All they have ever known is to have their mother love-bomb men then get dumped once these men tire of her -afterall, she is a single mother of 5.

‘Aliwacha filter SA’ Zari Hassan ruthlessly trolled over new photos

Zari should wait until ALL her children are out of the house before she starts dating again because what she is chasing is unattainable for her -she is trying to lockdown a high value man for a monogamous marriage when she has nothing to offer such a man.

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Zari Hassan’s son turning out the way he did should not shock anyone

Zari Hassan’s children have been the talk of the town ever since they were conceived and with good reason. They did not grow up in a stereotypical family setup and this is bound to have some lasting effects on them.

Why Zari inviting Diamond Platnumz back into his children’s life is fantastic

The first time we really got into discussing her brood, it was down to the unique nature of her co-parenting arrangement with the late Ivan Ssemwanga, her ex-husband. Then it was her children by Diamond Platnumz once she and the crooner had broken up and now it is because one particular one of her children keeps talking out of turn and saying things we normally wouldn’t expect to hear from African children’s mouths.

Zari son raphael
Raphael comes out

Zari’s son Raphael first came onto my radar when he decided to let the world know that he is a gay young boy coming out to the world. Ofcourse this was not the type of thing we are accustomed to and to her credit, Zari immediately flew into mummy attack mode to defend her child.

¨I normally see the clips of Zari´s boyfriend with my two children¨ Diamond Platinumz publicly confesses

But one would have thought he would have had his internet privileges rescinded but that was not the case as this time he has revealed that he would like to work with reknown adult film star, Johnny Sins.

Raphael declares he is gay

During a recent QnA he held on his IG, Raphael was interacting with his followers and was asked the following:

Zari Hassan: It’s tough raising my children alone 

What is your dreams? I mean who you want to be in future.

And to this he replied:

And make no mistake about it, I wouldn’t put it past him for him to be trolling but given he recently came out, I wouldn’t put anything past him and this doesn’t seem like too wild a dream…

Beef aside! Mange Kimambi steps in to defend Zari and son, Raphael from bullies!

What is more shocking for me is that people are surprised that Zari’s children aren’t like the boys and girls you see in your estate. People are genuinely confused as to why they are as free as they are to even come out of the closet as homosexual.

Zari Hassan looking all-classy

And it is really a very simple thing; they live in a reality that is not what a lot of us can relate to. Celebrities and their offspring often live in a bubble of sorts. They create a reality all of their own making and oftentimes, they can surround themselves with people who will feed their delusions because they have the money.

Zari reveals why Tanzanian women are to blame for ‘making’ her son gay

So now we have Zari, a former socialite who came into hundreds of millions when her ex-husband died and she took over his vast business empire in South Africa and you think her children will face the same realities yours do?

Zari Hassan

Add to that the culture they are immersed in -South African- is perfectly at peace with individuals being gay as they legalized same-sex marriages a decade or so ago. So Raphael doesn’t have to face the same stigma your cousin did.

And as for parental examples, Ivan was a larger than life character. He imprinted his behaviour patterns on his children. Then in came Zari with all the narcissistic trapping of being a celebrity who dated one of Africa’s most successful stars at one point in her life… How would this recipe ever be thought to produce stereotypical youngsters?

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Why everyone thinks Diamond and Zari are rekindling their relationship

Diamond Platnumz is down in South Africa visiting his children by Zari Hassan and the pair of them have ignited dating rumours for the umpteenth time. For some reason, a lot of East Africans and Tanzanians, in particular, seem to want to always allude to the pair reconciling and hooking up again.

Amberay exemplifies why dating single mothers is frowned upon

You have to wonder why they keep trying to pray for the former “it” couple to rekindle their relationship when it is clear they have both moved on and are happy with their respective partners or their single life.

Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz

But why does this always seem to happen with Diamond and Zari? It is because the concept of co-parenting is one that is very misunderstood in Africa as it is still a novel one. For our boomer parents, this was anathema. When their marriages ended, they would simply go their separate ways and one parent was often alienated.

Single mothers unite: Saumu Mbuvi is perpetuating a dangerous myth

That or the fact that a lot of us have crappy self-discipline so we project our actions on to Zari and Diamond and assume that like us, they are smashing because that is what you and your baby mama often get up to and you cannot fathom another way of doing things.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz has busied himself with tours and concerts but he’s now on vacation bonding with his children

But the truth is that co-parenting is one o the most complicated relationships to maintain if you aren’t clear that you’re doing it for the sake of your children. You see, the best setup to raise children in is an intact family. And nuclear families are proven to be the best familial unit for that. But life happens.

“Home wrecker” Mama Diamond Platnumz husband takes a swipe at Hamisa Mobetto

And just like it did to Zari and Diamond, relationships and marriages come to an end. That usually means that you have to figure out how to both be parents regardless of whether or not the breakup was peaceful or not.


And for a long time, their relationship was almost nonexistent and as a result, Nilan and Tiffah had to make do without their father being present in their lives. That is a big issue if what you want is to raise balanced children as research has suggested that a father is integral for children to learn discipline.

Diamond Platnumz suddenly visits Zari Hassan in South Africa months after Dark Stallion is unveiled

So now that things have worked themselves out and the former couple are cooperating in their parenting efforts, a lot of people see this as a sign Zari is cheating on her “Dark Stallion” but I am of the opinion that they both have simply decided to put their children first and we need to learn from that. This is what adulting looks like. This is what being a parent is about.

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Zari has finally understood what co-parenting is about

Zari Hassan has stopped being a difficult mother and co-parenting partner to Diamond Platnumz and now it seems they get along swimmingly. I am of the opinion this was only ever possible since she stopped competing with her ex/ nemesis.

Diamond Platnumz suddenly visits Zari Hassan in South Africa months after Dark Stallion is unveiled

And indeed, I am vindicated when we look at her habit patterns and see that when she realized she needed to let go of her childish obsession and competition with Mondi and things only got better when she found herself a man who seems to make her complete.

Zari with her new man

And now, the morn has arrived to greet us with news that Diamond Platnumz went to South Africa to visit Zari and his two children by her. And the welcome he received was heartwarming to witness as we watched his daughter and son rush over to his taxi to excitedly greet their father.

Can your mother even? Zari Hassan reveals special present she will be gifting son on 18th birthday

I am a proponent of having a father in children’s lives in whatever capacity (aslong as they aren’t criminals or abusive) and this really puts a smile on your face because for once, I want to be at the forefront of giving Zari her bouquet.

Zari posting thirst traps on social media

The truth of the matter is that even though our guy is not exactly an example of responsibility, his presence in his children’s lives will actually afford them some advantages they wouldn’t have otherwise. And you don’t have to stretch your imagination to understand that the bare minimum of this is his connections and networks.

Menopause ni wewe! Zari Hassan giving many sleepless nights with never seen before lingerie photo

Zari has given her children the best possible gift she can with their father: his love and to our children, time spent with them is what equates to love. And we have to actually emulate what she is doing because a lot of women argue that their baby daddies are unavailable because of one reason or another. Can you imagine how much more extreme the case is for the pair of them?

Zari chilling by the pool with Diamond’s daughter, Tiffah

Diamond is a high flying superstar at the zenith of his career so he is always jetting about for his performances but she is trying to do her best to allow him to see the kids when the opportunities arise.

Upgrade! Zari Hassan unveils Mr Stallion aka new bae’s face on Valentines Day (Photo)

Zari last came to Tanzania and now it is Mondi’s time to go to South Africa and we love it. the children know who they are and are being allowed to understand the other half of their culture and this will doubtless gibve them the dignity with which they can face the complexities of life and for that, Zari deserves three cheers.

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Guys need to chill and let Zari enjoy her new relationship

Zari is in a new relationship and the whole world knows about it because like every woman who is enjoying the NRE (new relationship energy), she is broadcasting it to the world and revelling in that love. She looks happy and seems to be genuinely so.

“So what if it ends in tears?” Zari Hassan responds to relationship critics

Gone are the days Zari Hassan was trying to keep up with her ex Diamond. So she has cut off all pretences of making this relationship seem exciting. She is done trying to build up her man to seem like he is a rival to Diamond Platnumz. None of that King Bae bullshit.

Zari Hassan’s boyfriend unveiled

Instead, she is focused on enjoying the moment. She is having fun with the man she calls her Dark Stallion at intimate friends parties or she is simply cuddling with her Dark Stallion and she was happy. But the world seems to not want to allow Zari to enjoy this.

Why Zari returning to Tanzania was the best thing she could do for herself

Her new relationship seems to be denying a lot of ladies their joy and pleasure. Bi. Hassan is now being targeted by Bitter Bettys who are trying to kill her peace of mind and to be fair, she is eating up the nonsense and playing right into the drama.

Miss Zari with new bae

Rather than keep quiet, rather than keep her relationship private, Zari is now responding to the many voices singing in harmony for her relationship’s demise. She responded by saying,

Lokole is being crucified for saying the truth about fat Zari

“The most miserable people will want to see you in their WhatsApp group. Don’t count me in that category a beg. I refuse to be one of you. Happiness lives here….if it ends in tears, let it. What will you as a person lose?”

Emotional moments as Diamond Platnumz welcomes Zari and their kids into Tanzania

Why? The moment she starts to focus on her new relationship,, the second she begins to focus on making her Dark Stallion happy, that’s the second the haters run out of anything to say. You need to understand that they don’t know what is happening so have nothing to say except that which you give them.

Zari is barking up the wrong tree as pertains to her son being gay

Zari needs to get that the haters feed off her negative and dark emotions. When they troll and she responds, they get a lot to say. Contrast how she responds to trolls to the way Diamond Platnumz does. He remains silent. So the trolls target the people around him who do all the talking.

Zari Hassan posing

But we as a people also need to be better and do better. But who am I to feed my opinion to faceless, anonymous haters? I know better than to try and reason with the Hateful Harriets who populate East African internet and social media accounts.

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Why Zari returning to Tanzania was the best thing she could do for herself

Zari returned to Tanzania with her children by Diamond Platnumz and this was done so they could get to spend time with their father. Unbeknownst to uys and indeed, to herself, she was actually doing something that would positively impact her life and we are already beginning to see proof of this.

Zari Claps Back After Being Trolled Over Her Weight

When she first landed in Tanzania, the people decided to take that opportunity to settle some scores with her. You see, Zari had some choice words for Tanzanian women. And it was the most uncomfortable time for Zari -atleast online but it now seems to have been a great decision for her to have endured that situation.

Zari Hassan

On the one hand, she gave her children some much needed time with their father and she also got to get some good graces from Diamond Platnumz and while this might not seem like much to you and yours, you need to understand that he is a garbage father so this will inject some energy in his participation in the children’s lives.

“Wachana na huyo house girl ” Zari to Juma Lokole

But the one biggest positive she got out of that difficult situation is that she got what looked like much-needed closure. And as a result, we have just seen her stop hiding her men and she finally decided to celebrate someone who looks like he is more than Zari’s confidant… She seems to have finally moved on.

Zari Hassan talks getting back with Diamond Platnumz and ditching King Bae (Video)

Zari is no longer using her men to compete with Diamond Platnumz. You realize that for the longest time, she has tried to show that her life is going better than Diamond Platnumz’. She has been trying to prove to us she had gotten men of comparable value. She was trying to show her life was as exciting as Mondi’s but we all saw through those lies and unfortunately, it just looked pathetic.

Lokole is being crucified for saying the truth about fat Zari

Now that she is no longer in competition with her ex and can finally focus on her happiness and that seems to be what Zari is doing. She isn’t trying to date younger, hotter men, she is going to men who love her and treat her well. It doesn’t matter whether or not they are built like sausages.

Zari with her and Diamond Platnumz’ daughter Tiffah

She was recently spotted entertaining one such man and from the smile she wore on her face, Zari is finally happy. The needless publicity stunts are gone and I fo one am happy to see that.

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Dear Zari, we haven’t forgotten King Bae and all your drama

Zari has come a long way from being Ivan Ssemwanga’s wife to being with Diamond Platnumz as his common-law wife to being a single mother after he left her and moved on with her life to her treating us to her nonsense “relationships” and social media stunts including her dalliance with King Bae.

Zari Hassan comes clean about baby daddy allegedly kicking her out of the South African mansion

For quite a few years, we were treated to a lot of information about King bae and the ways in which he was better than Diamond Platnumz and we had to endure the obvious lies. For some reason, East African women with the exception of women who in Tanzania (who knew they would be the intelligent ones in all this?) fell for the King Bae nonsense hook, line and sinker.

Zari Hassan talks getting back with Diamond Platnumz and ditching King Bae (Video)

We had women who had been aggrieved by their partners living vicariously through Zari while others actually called it quits in their own relationships because Zari had set the tone and proven they too could move on and find a high value, high networth individual who would be more than willing to sign themselves up for the bullshit that is taking care of another man’s children. And this is something a lot of women are in pain over.

Zari Hassan talks getting back with Diamond Platnumz and ditching King Bae (Video)

Zari was the one who sold a lie to the point of even faking a wedding with King Bae only for him to cheekily slink into the shadows when it was convenient and now that she is in Tanzania, the truth has come out and guess what? There never really was any wedding. Duh! Only desperate single mothers and divorcees believed her anyway.

Emotional moments as Diamond Platnumz welcomes Zari and their kids into Tanzania

I get it that Zari was under immense pressure to look like a successful woman and in truth, that also means having a happy family and sated man as well as having a thriving business but take a second to ask yourself who put that level of pressure on her and you will see the culprit is herself. Sitting in the shadows and chiding her into getting into a competition with Diamond Platnumz.

Why Zari can only blame herself for the hate she receives over her body

The prayer at this point is for her to be over and done with that phase of her life. The prayer is for her to finally have found peace with the fact that her best bet is to be a second or third wife and realize that she cannot compete with diamond Platnumz who is at the apex of his money, looks and status. He has won. If not for that reason then because we are tired of the nonsense lies. Tanzanians were ruthless when they realized she had been lying about her physique. That was simply a symptom of them being worn out with her King Bae bullshit.

Zari hanging out with Lokole

We are now too old for this nonsense and hopefully, Zari is too.

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Diamond Platnumz stays winning after revealing his sexy new babe

Diamond Platnumz isn’t making things easier for his exes and one just can’t help but to feel for them because honestly, how do you come to terms with the fact that your ex has moved on from one hot lady to another and just when you thought he wouldn’t be able to get one over on his most recent ex, Tanasha Donna who is truly beautiful, he goes and announces that he is dating an even hotter babe?!

Diamond Platnumz bags himself a ‘Tanasha Donna’ lookalike months after breakup (Photos)

If I were she, I would be utterly gutted. If I were Hamisa Monetto, I would be crashed. Hell, Zari even made peace with the fact that she will not be getting back with the African superstar but still, you can’t help but feel some kind of way about this new development.

You see, the height of success for a man is his ability to attract super hot babes. And before you call up your father for me, understand that babes do not go after men simply for their looks. I mean, they will try and sleep with Tyrone and Chad but they only do so for a quick shag. Men who look like Diamond Platnumz however, do not attract women because of their looks. They do so because of their success. I should give a caveat though that Diamond is a rarity, an outlier, he has mastered his LMS scale (looks, money, status).

Diamond Platnumz alleged girlfriend, Miss Patricia Aika,

So when Tanasha Donna said that Diamond would struggle to find a woman who loved him like she did, I chuckled. I knew she was speaking out of a place of hurt but she should have known better. Diamond is not the type of man to go wanting for female companionship. If anything, when he is single, it is probably out of a desire to get himself a flaming ten out of ten sexual marketplace value babe.

Lanes: How Diamond Platnumz surprise birthday party went down (Video)

Don’t get me wrong, the chances of this situation going out the same way all of Diamond’s old relationships did, with the fine babe hating the very thought and memory of him are high but until then, he will have fun being the envy of well over eighty million East African men. I just hope this fine babe has some brains in her coconut and she doesn’t get pregnant in three months of dating like Tanasha, hamisa Mobetto and Zari Hassan.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz effortlessly flaunts his shiny jewels

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In defence of Zari Hassan: Stop hating and let her live her life

Zari is now the focus of some rubbish rumours circulating across the interwebs. That vile, damnable interweb! And the reason she is the name on many haters lips is that people believe she is the recipient of some plastic surgery.

Zari Hassan accused of botched surgery after stepping out in strange-looking bum and waist (Video)

And for some reason, the fact (which I should point out I believe too) seems to have irked many a woman especially Tanzanian babes who have been calling her out for her decision to do what she can to maximize her looks.

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan looking all-classy

Zari Hassan paid for what she felt would improve the quality of her life. She made a decision, put money where her mouth is and is happily showcasing her new and improved derriere. And this is killing alot of women.

Tanasha Donna confirms rumored beef between her and fellow baby mama, Zari Hassan (Video)

I would posit that the newly acquired derriere isn’t the real reason for the hate. It is envy. You see, jealousy is when you are afraid someone will take what you have. Envy is when you want what someone else has. And Zari’s life is the stuff of envy for many a woman.

Zari Hassan
“Boss Lady” Zari Hassan

She managed to land herself children by two high value, high net worth men in the mould of the late Ivan Ssemwanga and the lothario Diamond Platnumz. She got both of them and even the geriatric King Bae. And while King Bae was not the subject of envy, the previous men were. They were young, handsome and fabulously loaded.

” I want for us to be united as we’ve all sired Diamonds children” Hamisa Mobetto to Zari and Tanasha Donna

Or maybe, the hate emanates from the fact that Zari lords her position in life over her IG followers. She is always posting designer bags, exotic trips and fancy digs and to that argument I would reply with the philosophical,

“Tough titty said the kitty but the milk’s still fresh”.

Zari Hassan gifts herself new apartment ahead of her 40th birthday (Photos)

Get over yourselves! If you do not like her social media content, unfollow and move on. But you won’t because hating on Zari is the highlight of your day given how empty your life is. And perhaps hating on Zari gives you a small smile but perhaps I could suggest therapy. Actually seek help to get your head in a happier space.

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan posing like she is busy  in the kitchen

Whatever the case may be, let Zari enjoy her life. Leave her be. Bashj her when she gives one of her garbage hottakes but beyond that, her personal decisions on what to do to her body, soul and children shouldnae concern you.

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From Zari to Tanasha, all of Diamond Platnumz’ exes are competing for his mother

Zari, Hamisa Mobetto and Tanasha are the three women who have sired Diamond’s children. And they all ended up getting left in his past, with their current connection being more of a parenting arrangement. And that is a very loose interpretation of parenting.

Diamond Platnumz’ relationship problems are all his mother’s fault

Zari, Hamisa and Tanasha have one huge looming presence in their lives who they are well aware is the real power in Diamond Platnumz’ life and that is his mother, Sandra Sanura, Sandra Michaels, Sandra Kassim or whatever she decides to go by on whichever particular day you choose to address her.

diamond, tanasha and his mother and sister
(from left) Tanasha Donna, Diamond Platnumz, Mama Dangote, Esma Khan

Diamond Platnumz is a man who is high value but he never fully let go of his mother’s apron strings. She is a very influential opinion when it comes to his social and love life. If she likes you, you have a huge possibility of lasting long by Diamond Platnumz side but if she is not into you or your mess, you already know you’ll only last along as the novelty of your garden of Eden.

From Diamond Platnumz to Atwoli: Polygamy the natural state of African marriage

That is why you see Zari sending photos and videos of her children by Mondi to Mama Diamond. That is why Tanasha sent a video of her son by Mondi to Mama Diamond. And the one woman who bears testimony to this fact is none other than Hamisa.

zari hassa, tanasha donna, hamisa mobetto
Diamond’s baby mamas: Zari Hassan (left), Hamisa Mobetto (center) and Tanasha Donna (right)

The Tanzanian sweetheart bore the brunt of Mama Diamond’s disdain even while she was heavily pregnant with Chibu Dee’s son Dylan. One of the reasons why is probably because Mama Diamond saw her as the reason Diamond had lost his focus on Zari but whatever the case may be, she even did a song about the experience she had to endure.

Mama Diamond Platnumz explains why she refers to Tanasha Donna’s son as “Kichwa Kubwa”

And while at this point in time this isn’t an important factor, it will once Diamond’s money begins to slow down. Why? Because that is when he will begin to have to prioritize things in his life. He won’t just be able to throw money at a problem.

diamond platnumz henched

When his will and testament becomes a focus after he has slowed down and began to focus on running his various businesses, the affection his mother has towards any of his baby mamas or their children will matter. And when Diamond does decide to settle down, you have got to be crazy to believe his mother’s opinion will not weigh heavily on the decision.

“Mwanaume atulizwi na mtoto!” Mama Diamond Platnumz claps back after Tanasha’s interview

Take for instance the fact that diamond Platnumz helped Zari Hassan buy the latest Bentley. Meanwhile, when he was taken to court by Hamisa Mobetto, he bought her a Rav 4… This is rather telling especially when you realize Zari is reportedly (by her own admission) a multimillionaire. She is currently running her dead ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga’s empire in South Africa so she didn’t need the assist.
And on the flipside, Hamisa Mobetto doesn’t really have a steady source of income.

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Why Hamisa Mobetto cosying up to Naija businessman is a big deal

Hamisa Mobetto is said to be dating a Naija tycoon and it has caused quite the stir south of the Kenyan border. You see, ever since she and Diamond Platnumz decided to go their separate ways, she has had a string of useless relationships.

Hamisa Mobetto spotted getting cosy with Nigerian tycoon, raises speculations

And the reason that is the adjective I have elected to use is that if a relationship doesn’t lead to anything serious, then it was useless. And Hamisa Mobetto has had more than her fair share.

hamisa mobetto

At some point, she even pulled a Zari Hassan: She alleged she was engaged to be married and her fans celebrated her, waiting for her impending nuptials but she just went cold on the whole affair. According to Tanzanian tabloids, she was involved in an affair with a married man whom she was attempting to pressure into making an honest woman of her.

Alikiba comes cleans about his alleged affair with Hamisa Mobetto

Whatever the case may be, she was completely convincing but she has since moved on and found herself in the arms of a Naija tycoon. And Tanzanians are going crazy because they recognize that this might just be the guy to make her move on from Diamond Platnumz. You see, he has been an everlasting stench on her psyche. He was the ultimate alpha in her life. He has the money, status and the bad boy appeal. But now, she might just have a Mr Moneybags and we all know how alpha Naija men are.

Hamisa Mobetto

And if this relationship doesn’t fizzle out, we are going to be treated to quite the tabloid legend. can you imagine Hamisa Mobetto inviting Diamond Platnumz for their son’s birthday and him having to chill next to a man who is now both Hamisa and their son’s daddy? That would be quite the interesting blended family don’t you think? The child calling out for his daddy and both of them responding. Or worse still, Hamisa calling out for daddy to come and help her bring the cake to the living room and they both stand up…

Hamisa Mobetto is a definition of what co-parenting should look like

This would be a remarkable step up for her given she is a single mother who would have managed to land herself a high-networth man. And this would even see Hamisa Mobetto having won in her long-running feud with Zari.

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Why Zari’s co-parenting style is emotionally abusive

Zari and Diamond Platnumz are co-parents. The two were involved in a romantic relationship for a couple of years resulting in the births of Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan. The relationship didn’t last long and after playing itself out in the public gallery, it soon imploded just as publicly. Zari shared a now-infamous black rose post on Valentine’s Day of 2018.

zari and diamond
Ex-power couple, Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz

The post saw her pull the curtains on her romantic dalliance with the star who by all reports had already moved on from their love, their marital bed and their familial bond, preferring Hamisa Mobetto’s bed. Zari was saving face and given just how solipsistic her fanbase is, she managed to convince them that she was the one who initiated the break-up.

Revealed! Why Zari Hassan does not pay much attention to her son, Nillan

Zari then fled the house she lived in with Diamond and went to South Africa where she quickly got her children South African nationality and from there, she demanded Diamond be making the trip to South Africa to be seeing his children.
Diamond did initially do so, even allowing her to live in his house in South Africa but Mondi soon began to grumble about the cost and inconvenience of the matter, eventually requesting her to move back to Tanzania, a request Zari Hassan would hear none of.


Mondi eventually got fed up and started talking to Zari through his lawyers. Probably someone in his camp advised him to protect himself. Zari, during her interview with Millard Ayo, cited this as something that caused her irritation so she began to also demand that his lawyers talk to her lawyers rather than to her directly. She then began to run the narrative that Diamond is a deadbeat dad -all the while she would be posting content from the house he had allowed her to live in for the sake of his children.

Zari posing
South-African business mogul, Zari Hassan

This doesn’t absolve Diamond from his personal failing sand capabilities. Rather, this is an article about how Zari’s idea of co-parenting is witchcraft. Why? Because rather than facilitate the interactions between Diamond and his children, she ran to air his dirty linen in public. And ever the egotistical man, Diamond recoiled from the sting of public scrutiny. Things reportedly got so bad that when he declared he would be paying for 500 Tanzanian families their rent during the Covid19 pandemic period, she jumped in to attack the Tanzanian crooner about abandoning his children.

And speaking to this assumption of poor co-parenting skills, Zari allowed Diamond and his family to talk to his children and they were all over the moon at being allowed so special a gift by the children’s mother.
Let that sink in.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan finally settle their differences!

The truth of how abusive that fact alone is very clear once you swallow your dislike of who Diamond Platnumz or rather Abdul Naseeb Jnr is as a man, as a father. You have to admit that if co-parenting is to work, both parents have to be willing to make it work. That would mean Zari has to meet Diamond halfway. You cannot run to South Africa and demand Diamond comes all the way from Tanzania to see his children for a weekend or even a week. You cannot visit Tanzania and refuse to bring your children along with you to spend time with their father or his family. What sort of co-parenting witchcraft is this?
zari thirst trap

And ultimately, Zari has to remember that for better or for worse, it was she who decided to have children and settle down with diamond even though all knew too well just what kind of man Diamond Platnumz is.



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“You can’t cook but you are a very clean woman!” Diamond Platnumz close relative praises Zari Hassan after fans troll her ‘shapeless’ Chapati

Ugandan or rather East Africa’s socialite Zari Hassan who is a mother of 5 this past weekend went online to show off her cooking skills; however things did not go as planned.

It all started when Zari’s guests arrived at her home; and for some reason decided they wanted chapatis to go with the rest of the dishes she had earlier prepared. Probably this is because Zari had already proved to be a  good cook and the guests hoped that she some make yummy Chapati’s.

Mama Tiffah showing off her cooking skills

Zari trolled

As usual the boss lady went on Instagram to show off that despite her beauty she was also good in the kitchen. Sadly most of the fans reacting to her video went on to call her out for the shapeless chapati’s.

Others couldn’t help but assume that this was the main reason Diamond Platnumz cheated since he could not stand such meals on the table.

Juma Lokole defends Zari

One of Diamond Platnumz close friends Juma Lokole however felt that the trolls were not necessary! According to the radio presenter and Instagram big wig; Zari’s kitchen skills were way much better compared to other social media slay queens.

Juma Lokole

He however mentioned that despite the shapeless chapati’s Zari had proven to be a very neat and clean lady. From previous stories we understand that Diamond’s family was mostly attracted to Zari’s cleanliness and organized lifestyle.

He also mentioned that she was a good mother to her children and no one would take that away from her. Lokole wrote;

Zari’s chapatis

???????????????????? umejitaidi kidogo kupika chapati ….. kuna watu umu ata kukata vitunguu awajui ???????????????? ……. sema nini kupika ujui ???????? wewe ni mwanamke msafi na unajuwa kutunza watoto ???????????? ……. mmmh izo chapati mama tee zimepinda Kama kisigino changu ???????????? ……..


Why Zari Hassan has said No to movie offers from Nigeria

Socialite Zari Hassan has the name, the body and image to make it to the movie screens but hasn’t appeared in any yet.

In a recent interview, the Ugandan socialite confessed that she has been given several roles but the offers have never matched her rates.

Zari also shared that movies need a lot of work to make therefore he doesn’t have the time for most.


In an interview with Millard Ayo, Zari said she declined all offers that came her way, because they also needed her to move to Nigeria.

“For movies yes nimekuwa na offers kidogo from Nigeria, but the problem kidogo it needed me to move to Nigeria. Na shooting is not something you are going to do in a week, it takes a bit of time and some of the offers I declined because the time was too long and the money was not enough for me to leave my family, my work. So ikitokea a good offer for movie why not. I’m talented and I can multitask,” stated Zari Hassan.

‘She was jumping around with every man’ Yet another Zari’s ex-lover comes out to claim Zari cheats a lot

Ever since Diamond Platnumz revealed that Zari Hassan cheated on him with multiple men before they broke up, it seem there’s nothing Zari can say to get herself out of the sticky situation.

Yet another man who dated the popular socialite has come out to claim that Zari can not be tamed by a single D.

Rasta Rob MC, a deejay who knew Zari way before she became famous and when she was just a young lady trying to make a name in the entertainment business, has also claimed that she slept with different men when they were an item.

18 years

Rob MC dated the socialite in her early 20s and claims that Zari cheated on him till he had to let her go. The two met in at a club why Rob was a DJ in 1995 and dated for three years.

“It is here where I met her. She was among the girls who always came for the disco. She was in her teens… about 18 and extremely beautiful. She used to come to me, requesting for songs and it is here that I used my chance.

“She was jumping around with every man. I finally let go but she was my girlfriend for 3 years.

Wait, if they met in 1995 and Zari was 18 years old, doesn’t that make her 42 now?

Zari: I want to be a billionaire and I can’t do that as a musician

Socialite Zari Hassan is rich but that’s not enough. No yet. She wants to be richer.

Speaking in an interview with Tanzanian media, Zari shared that she wants to grow her wealth and she plans to do so through her empire and not music.

“I can’t do that as a musician because it takes a lot of time before you can actually earn from music,” Zari said in an interview. 


The mother of five said that music takes time to make money in Africa therefore doesn’t impress her anymore.

“Unlike Americans, in Africa, it is not easy to become famous within a short time. So I better focus on my businesses. I have kids and music will require so much of my time because I have to be on tour all through.” she said. 

Zari has different songs that have all turned out to be flops. She said that she no longer sings or dance in music videos any more.

“I think the person needs to pay me so much to appear on their song,” she said. 

“I have had a few offers from Nigerians, but some of the offers I declined because the money was too little for me to leave my work and family to go for that,” Zari said.

8 photos of the well-chiseled gym trainer that Zari allegedly cheated with and ladies are saying they would have done it too

It all came as a surprise to the world when Diamond Platnumz confessed that Zari Hassan cheated on him with Peter Okoye of P Square and a gym trainer.

Well, we all know Okoye, and if she cheated with him, let’s just say it because of his fame and nothing else. Photos of the gym instructor who is in this saga have now emerged and fans are beginning to understand why Zari had to give out her cookie jar as Diamond claimed.

The South African man who goes by the name Tumise, is a gym trainer and model too. He was Zari’s trainer when she was still dating Diamond in 2017.


”The time we were dating, she was also dating her gym trainer, they used to do their thing in my house. I even have photos,” claimed Diamond in the interview. 

His photos have hit online leaving ladies confessing that they would have also cheated with him because of his muscled body and looks.

Well, here are his photos:


Diamond Platnumz’ dad: I have never met my grand kids, I don’t even know how Zari sounds

Zari Hassan and her two kids from Diamond Platnumz have never met Diamond’s dad in person.

Despite Zari and Diamond being together for close to five years, Diamond has never bothered to introduce them to his dad Mzee Juma.

Juma recently opened up about the issue saying that he doesn’t even know Zari’s voice because they have never met face to face.

”aah!sijai ona wajukuu wangu ata sauti yake zari sijawai sikia” he said. 

Never meet

Zari was Diamonds ex and they had two kids namely Tiffany and Nillian.

It’s not a secret Diamond and his dad never see eye to eye. Diamond has been dodging his dad for years now and it’s not shocking that he has never met his kids.

The day Mzee Juma planned to pay them a visit, Diamond had gone for a music tour, denying him a chance to see his grandchildren.

“My shoes are too big to fit” Zari throws shade at Tanasha Donna but Tanasha replies with a spectacular comeback

Exchange between Diamond Platnumz ex-lover Zari Hassan and new catch Tanasha Donna seems like a thing that will live for sometime and will keep entertaining fans.

The two ladies have been exchanging subliminal shots on social media trying to prove they are better for Diamond.

Zari recently took to social media to claim that even though Diamond has gone for a younger, fresher Tanasha, he should know that she can’t be able to replace her.

“My shoes are either too big to fill or too small to fit,” she wrote on Instagram. 


Tanasha, who is planning to get married to the singer soon and has even already met his parents, also had a cunning reply for Zari after her status update. Tanasha urged Zari to chill out if she’s confident enough that she’s irreplaceable.

”True confidence has no room for jealousy. When you know you are great, you have no reason to hate. Watajua hawajui,” she wrote. 

Well, it seems fans are the ones who are benefiting from these free dramas from the two so they should just sit back and enjoy.

Zari Hassan blocked us all on social media because of Tanasha Donna- Diamond Platinumz’ family

Diamond Platnumz ex-wife Zari Hassan wants nothing to do with his family after their break up especially, after Diamond went ahead a got another woman.

Diamond’s family members have all allegedly been blocked by Zari because she doesn’t want to see what they are saying about his new catch Tanasha Donna.

Speaking in an interview with Global Publishers,  Diamond’s brother Rommy Jones said that she had blocked them but they weren’t too concerned about that.

“I don’t see anything wrong with being blocked by Zari, but what we [are] concerned with is diamond’s happiness. Everything else is not important,” he said. 


Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz, who recently confessed that she’s missing Hamisa Mobetto, said that they’ll keep supporting Diamond and that means posting about Tanasha on social media.

“We cannot intrude into Diamond’s relationships, but we support him. For now he is with Tanasha so we have to show him our support.” she said. 

“I see you through your sons” Zari Hassan pens touching message to late ex-husband Ivan on his birthday 

It has been an year since Ivan Ssemwanga, Zari Hassan ex-hubby, died after a heart attack.

Ivan and Zari had been together for almost 5 years and had three kids together.

41 years

On social media on Sunday, Zari took time to mourn Ivan who would have celebrated his 41st birthday on that day.

According to the socialite who has always shared how important the man was in his life, Ivan left a huge void after his death.

‘Today you’d have made 41 but God had other plans, yes we miss you being here physically but at the same time it feels like you never left. I see you through your sons, I feel your presence everywhere I am. Your legacy continues to live on. Continue sleeping in peace till we meet again,” she captioned an old photo. 

Zari’s post left tongues wagging though many were glad she still remembers and respects the father of her children.

Zari swears the worst will happen when she catches Jemba who hacked her Instagram again

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has sent out a bitter message to her said hacker Jemba Farid after he account got hacked yet again.

Zari revealed that her account is still under her hackers’ mercy despite the fact that she can still access it.

On snapchat, Zari warned the man who she claims is behind the hacking saying that she will make him regret once she gets her hands on him.

“Embwa ya Farid gwe iwenakukukwata, ojakwejusa ekyakufula omusiyazi. Which loosely translates to (This dog called Farid; when I get hold of you, you will regret why you became gay) You’ve crooked so many reaching an extent of changing your real names on FB. Even further creating charity pages. A broke lad like you can afford to do charity… mxuiiii,” cursed.


Her rant comes after she warned her fans not to donate anything posted by her account which has been begging for funds after being hacked. Jemba Farid Gilbert is the guy who helped her get her IG account verified and was accused of hacking it several weeks ago.

Mrg, so my IG account is active but the hacker can still access it even after changing passwords and all. Am working on it BUT DONT PAY ANY MONEY TO ANY LINK. I’ve never asked for donations in my life,” said Zari Hassan on her Snapchat account.


Diamond’s manager says he’s still friends with Zari despite Diamond’s break up 

Diamond Platnumz manager Sallam SK still speaks to Zari Hassan despite her ugly break up with Diamond. Speaking at an interview SK said that he’s still in good terms with Zari even after the break up because that’s how he is as a person.

Initially, fans claimed that SK is the man pressuring the singer to dump the mother of five.

Don’t change

He however, stressed out that he would not change how he lives because Diamond had issues with his family as everyone has his own life.

“Labda yeye kwa maono yake lakini la kwaza hatuna tatizo mimi na Zari. Siajwai kuwa na tatizo na Zari kabisa ni mmoja wa washikaji wangu kabisa na hata kama deal zake kazipata ana mikataba anaeza kanitumia mimi anaomba nimwangalilie hii na hii. Lakini obviously kuna lifestyle mimi ninayoishi labda inaeza kuwa inatoshea vitu vingine but that’s my lifestyle. Siwezi kubadilika kwasababu Diamond ana matatizo yake na familia yake,” he noted.


“Kila mtu anaangalia familia yake but at the end of the day tunaeza mwambia kwamba aangalie kitu fulani katika familia  lakini siwezi sema nibadilishe maisha yangu mimi kwasababu fulani. Apana kila mtu na maisha yake at the end of the day mtu akifeli anafeli kivyake. Sisi tunaishi kama team na mtu akifeli tunakosoana. Lakini kutoka na mtafaruko ulikuwa nao hapa kati labda ndio maana kuandika hivo, na yeye hakutuattack sisi aliattack mpezi wake kwa hivyo zile vitu sisi hujiepusha nazo, tunachangia tu mawazo lakini tunastay far away.”