Savage: Zari Hassan claps back at critics predicting new relationship will end in premium tears

Zari Hassan has been making headlines thanks to her new man, Thee Stallion. Just like his nick name, yes Zari’s new man is hot, tall, dark and handsome; making fans jealous of the boss lady now that she has a real man by her side.

Don’t get me wrong – but after breaking up with East Africa’s finest – Diamond Platnumz; fans felt that Zari would never find a man enough to shake East Africans again. And with her ex husband Ivan Don dead, indeed there was no man left to play the boyfriend role in Zari’s life.

Zari Hassan with new bae, Thee Stallion

However just a few days ago, Zari Hassan  unveiled the new man keeping her bed warm; and judging from the comments left by fans – thee Stallion was indeed good enough to leave a few characters here and there talking on social media.

Zari responds to critics

With Zari over sharing photos of her new bae – fans on the other hand couldn’t help enjoy while it lasts; as most claim that this relationship will not last like the rest.

Pretty mean – but hey…the boss lady is always ready to handle her critics in the best possible way. Clapping back at those claiming that the relationship will end in premium tears; Ms Zari wrote;

Even if it ends in premium tears, are they your tears? We will have an after party. People surely love misery, you simply hate seeing others happy. Well, it’s all good with me.


Well, let’s just say Zari grew thick skin after breaking up with Diamond Platnumz. This time around, she cares less about what fans say or think about her relationships.

“So what if it ends in tears?” Zari Hassan responds to relationship critics

Zari Hassan appears to miss the old days when fans would criticize her new boyfriends; especially with most assuming that she has never moved on from singer, Diamond Platnumz since their online break up.

But such is life. The boss lady had to move on by force whether she liked it or not; besides her at that time Bongo baby daddy had another baby on the way, Dylan.

Anyway it has since been 3 years and a few fans on social media continue to troll Zari for flaunting her boyfriends. After a short term relationship with King bae – mother of 5 – Zarinah Hassan has yet again introduced a new dark guy she likes to call ‘Thee Black Stallion.”

Haters gonna hate

Just by his name….I can assure you that he sounds like the kind of man any woman would want to settle down with. I mean, what could be the reason behind Zari naming him the black Stallion?

Just to prove how serious about this new catch; Zari Hassan just a few hours ago went on to share ‘hand’ photos flaunting her new bae. In one of the posts Zari wrote;

The most miserable people will want to see you in their WhatsApp group. Don’t count me in that category a beg. I refuse to be one of you. Happiness lives here….if it ends in tears, let it. What will you as a person lose?


In yet another post, the boss lady bragged by writing;

Don’t break my lil hand errr I mean my ❤️ Mr man. Call him the dark stallion.

I guess it that season that most couples have to prove a point on social media, right?