Why Zari can only date young men

Zari is once more making headlines after she defended herself from online trolls who were asking her about her relationship with her Ben 10 and for some reason unknown to us (more sensible people), she took the bait.

Zari Claps Back At Fans Criticizing Her For Dating Younger Men

And in her defence, she explained that she is not actually dating a young man, he is apparently just genetically gifted and looks younger than his age:

”He’s not young. He does look young. I am literally turning 42 this year, but you wouldn’t tell. Unless if you know me. Some of us had babies when we were young and we started growing with our kids. Why is it okay when men date younger girls, it is okay?”

Zari Hassan accused of theft, she responds

And then she went on to the “whataboutism” argument asking her fans whether they keep the same energy when discussing older men dating younger women.

GK Choppa with Zari

But the thing her is that Zari is doing what would come naturally given a woman in her advanced age doesn’t have a lot of dating options.

‘You’re Not Supposed To See What I See’-Zari Defends Her Ben 10 Boyfriend From Critics (Screenshot)

And we see that with a lot of other female celebrities who focused on themselves at the expense of relationships. When their careers slow down, they immediately move to dating younger, less established men (often like me, in their 20s) but men who are willing to ride the older woman’s success wave than creating their own.

Zari joins the likes of Larsa Pippen, Nicki Minaj (her beau is not younger but he is a Pookie), Britanny Rener and the rest who have dabbled in either younger men or less successful men because they realised that no man within or around their tax bracket wants to deal with them.

Andrew Kibe Reacts To Zari Going For Younger Men (Video)

Think about it this way, Zari is a 40+ year-old woman who has 5 children by 2 different men. Both those men were high-value men. Ivan was a successful Ugandan businessman based in South Africa and Diamond Platnumz is yeah… You know who he is.

She has 5 children! Do you honestly think any 40-year-old woman who we would consider high value views her the same way she does him? I mean, he would be the type of man who has the world at his feet. He can get any babe he wants. He can still start a family and he has a plethora of women chasing after him. Meanwhile, she is a chain and ball looking for men.

Zari Bags Herself Yet Another ‘Ben 10’ Boyfriend (Video)

No man worth his salt wants to deal with other men’s children. Hell, women need to think twice about whether or not they want these men around their children. You really need to acquaint yourself with The Cinderella Effect.

So who is left for Zari but a young man whose mind has been filled with cougar fantasies due to porn videos they are addled by. Someone who will not be at the point in their lives where they are trying to impose their will on the world. A little boy who has strong Oedipus complex issues.


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Why everyone thinks Diamond and Zari are rekindling their relationship

Diamond Platnumz is down in South Africa visiting his children by Zari Hassan and the pair of them have ignited dating rumours for the umpteenth time. For some reason, a lot of East Africans and Tanzanians, in particular, seem to want to always allude to the pair reconciling and hooking up again.

Amberay exemplifies why dating single mothers is frowned upon

You have to wonder why they keep trying to pray for the former “it” couple to rekindle their relationship when it is clear they have both moved on and are happy with their respective partners or their single life.

Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz

But why does this always seem to happen with Diamond and Zari? It is because the concept of co-parenting is one that is very misunderstood in Africa as it is still a novel one. For our boomer parents, this was anathema. When their marriages ended, they would simply go their separate ways and one parent was often alienated.

Single mothers unite: Saumu Mbuvi is perpetuating a dangerous myth

That or the fact that a lot of us have crappy self-discipline so we project our actions on to Zari and Diamond and assume that like us, they are smashing because that is what you and your baby mama often get up to and you cannot fathom another way of doing things.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz has busied himself with tours and concerts but he’s now on vacation bonding with his children

But the truth is that co-parenting is one o the most complicated relationships to maintain if you aren’t clear that you’re doing it for the sake of your children. You see, the best setup to raise children in is an intact family. And nuclear families are proven to be the best familial unit for that. But life happens.

“Home wrecker” Mama Diamond Platnumz husband takes a swipe at Hamisa Mobetto

And just like it did to Zari and Diamond, relationships and marriages come to an end. That usually means that you have to figure out how to both be parents regardless of whether or not the breakup was peaceful or not.

Source: https://www.fatherhood.org/father-absence-statistic

And for a long time, their relationship was almost nonexistent and as a result, Nilan and Tiffah had to make do without their father being present in their lives. That is a big issue if what you want is to raise balanced children as research has suggested that a father is integral for children to learn discipline.

Diamond Platnumz suddenly visits Zari Hassan in South Africa months after Dark Stallion is unveiled

So now that things have worked themselves out and the former couple are cooperating in their parenting efforts, a lot of people see this as a sign Zari is cheating on her “Dark Stallion” but I am of the opinion that they both have simply decided to put their children first and we need to learn from that. This is what adulting looks like. This is what being a parent is about.

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Zari has finally understood what co-parenting is about

Zari Hassan has stopped being a difficult mother and co-parenting partner to Diamond Platnumz and now it seems they get along swimmingly. I am of the opinion this was only ever possible since she stopped competing with her ex/ nemesis.

Diamond Platnumz suddenly visits Zari Hassan in South Africa months after Dark Stallion is unveiled

And indeed, I am vindicated when we look at her habit patterns and see that when she realized she needed to let go of her childish obsession and competition with Mondi and things only got better when she found herself a man who seems to make her complete.

Zari with her new man

And now, the morn has arrived to greet us with news that Diamond Platnumz went to South Africa to visit Zari and his two children by her. And the welcome he received was heartwarming to witness as we watched his daughter and son rush over to his taxi to excitedly greet their father.

Can your mother even? Zari Hassan reveals special present she will be gifting son on 18th birthday

I am a proponent of having a father in children’s lives in whatever capacity (aslong as they aren’t criminals or abusive) and this really puts a smile on your face because for once, I want to be at the forefront of giving Zari her bouquet.

Zari posting thirst traps on social media

The truth of the matter is that even though our guy is not exactly an example of responsibility, his presence in his children’s lives will actually afford them some advantages they wouldn’t have otherwise. And you don’t have to stretch your imagination to understand that the bare minimum of this is his connections and networks.

Menopause ni wewe! Zari Hassan giving many sleepless nights with never seen before lingerie photo

Zari has given her children the best possible gift she can with their father: his love and to our children, time spent with them is what equates to love. And we have to actually emulate what she is doing because a lot of women argue that their baby daddies are unavailable because of one reason or another. Can you imagine how much more extreme the case is for the pair of them?

Zari chilling by the pool with Diamond’s daughter, Tiffah

Diamond is a high flying superstar at the zenith of his career so he is always jetting about for his performances but she is trying to do her best to allow him to see the kids when the opportunities arise.

Upgrade! Zari Hassan unveils Mr Stallion aka new bae’s face on Valentines Day (Photo)

Zari last came to Tanzania and now it is Mondi’s time to go to South Africa and we love it. the children know who they are and are being allowed to understand the other half of their culture and this will doubtless gibve them the dignity with which they can face the complexities of life and for that, Zari deserves three cheers.

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Guys need to chill and let Zari enjoy her new relationship

Zari is in a new relationship and the whole world knows about it because like every woman who is enjoying the NRE (new relationship energy), she is broadcasting it to the world and revelling in that love. She looks happy and seems to be genuinely so.

“So what if it ends in tears?” Zari Hassan responds to relationship critics

Gone are the days Zari Hassan was trying to keep up with her ex Diamond. So she has cut off all pretences of making this relationship seem exciting. She is done trying to build up her man to seem like he is a rival to Diamond Platnumz. None of that King Bae bullshit.

Zari Hassan’s boyfriend unveiled

Instead, she is focused on enjoying the moment. She is having fun with the man she calls her Dark Stallion at intimate friends parties or she is simply cuddling with her Dark Stallion and she was happy. But the world seems to not want to allow Zari to enjoy this.

Why Zari returning to Tanzania was the best thing she could do for herself

Her new relationship seems to be denying a lot of ladies their joy and pleasure. Bi. Hassan is now being targeted by Bitter Bettys who are trying to kill her peace of mind and to be fair, she is eating up the nonsense and playing right into the drama.

Miss Zari with new bae

Rather than keep quiet, rather than keep her relationship private, Zari is now responding to the many voices singing in harmony for her relationship’s demise. She responded by saying,

Lokole is being crucified for saying the truth about fat Zari

“The most miserable people will want to see you in their WhatsApp group. Don’t count me in that category a beg. I refuse to be one of you. Happiness lives here….if it ends in tears, let it. What will you as a person lose?”

Emotional moments as Diamond Platnumz welcomes Zari and their kids into Tanzania

Why? The moment she starts to focus on her new relationship,, the second she begins to focus on making her Dark Stallion happy, that’s the second the haters run out of anything to say. You need to understand that they don’t know what is happening so have nothing to say except that which you give them.

Zari is barking up the wrong tree as pertains to her son being gay

Zari needs to get that the haters feed off her negative and dark emotions. When they troll and she responds, they get a lot to say. Contrast how she responds to trolls to the way Diamond Platnumz does. He remains silent. So the trolls target the people around him who do all the talking.

Zari Hassan posing

But we as a people also need to be better and do better. But who am I to feed my opinion to faceless, anonymous haters? I know better than to try and reason with the Hateful Harriets who populate East African internet and social media accounts.

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Why Zari returning to Tanzania was the best thing she could do for herself

Zari returned to Tanzania with her children by Diamond Platnumz and this was done so they could get to spend time with their father. Unbeknownst to uys and indeed, to herself, she was actually doing something that would positively impact her life and we are already beginning to see proof of this.

Zari Claps Back After Being Trolled Over Her Weight

When she first landed in Tanzania, the people decided to take that opportunity to settle some scores with her. You see, Zari had some choice words for Tanzanian women. And it was the most uncomfortable time for Zari -atleast online but it now seems to have been a great decision for her to have endured that situation.

Zari Hassan

On the one hand, she gave her children some much needed time with their father and she also got to get some good graces from Diamond Platnumz and while this might not seem like much to you and yours, you need to understand that he is a garbage father so this will inject some energy in his participation in the children’s lives.

“Wachana na huyo house girl ” Zari to Juma Lokole

But the one biggest positive she got out of that difficult situation is that she got what looked like much-needed closure. And as a result, we have just seen her stop hiding her men and she finally decided to celebrate someone who looks like he is more than Zari’s confidant… She seems to have finally moved on.

Zari Hassan talks getting back with Diamond Platnumz and ditching King Bae (Video)

Zari is no longer using her men to compete with Diamond Platnumz. You realize that for the longest time, she has tried to show that her life is going better than Diamond Platnumz’. She has been trying to prove to us she had gotten men of comparable value. She was trying to show her life was as exciting as Mondi’s but we all saw through those lies and unfortunately, it just looked pathetic.

Lokole is being crucified for saying the truth about fat Zari

Now that she is no longer in competition with her ex and can finally focus on her happiness and that seems to be what Zari is doing. She isn’t trying to date younger, hotter men, she is going to men who love her and treat her well. It doesn’t matter whether or not they are built like sausages.

Zari with her and Diamond Platnumz’ daughter Tiffah

She was recently spotted entertaining one such man and from the smile she wore on her face, Zari is finally happy. The needless publicity stunts are gone and I fo one am happy to see that.

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Lokole is being crucified for saying the truth about fat Zari

Diamond Platnumz cum WCB photographer Lokole is currently being criticized for having the balls to speak the truth and reveal that Zari Hassan is actually fatter than her photos show her to be. This statement has angered all the body positivity and fat celebrities and their fans.

Zari and Diamond Platnumz family back to beefing after being called ‘Fat’

The reason for this is because truth is treason in the empire of lies. And Lokole has dared to speak against the cult of the feminine mystique. That is the only reason why when he says the truth about Zari doctoring photos, a truth that we can see by simply applying the eye test, he gets berated.

Zari and Lokole
Zari hanging out with Lokole

Rather than berate Zari for selling a false image of herself and basing her brand on a lie, she is praised. Yet this is the epitome of selling false body goals and skewing falsehoods of the female form. But there is yet another reason for this nonsense: East African women do not like putting in the effort required to achieve their goal.

Zari joins Diamond Platnumz family in mocking Mzee Juma Abdul

And Lokole pointing out this fact held up a mirror to this truth and East African women are livid he dared to remind them about their shortcoming. After all, even science has proven and reiterated the fact that healthy at all sizes is garbage.

Juma Lokole has a track record of being a double-speaking snake

And to make matters worse, Lokole went on to say the truth that fat women aren’t attractive to their men. And he used Zari’s case to demonstrate how Diamond would understandably not find Zari attractive especially when you take into account the fact that he has an abundance of beauties around him.

Zari is barking up the wrong tree as pertains to her son being gay

Perhaps, an argument can be made about the fact that he could have said things in a better way. Maybe he took too much pleasure in his statement but the fact that remains supreme is that he was not lying. Zari is fat and arguably one of the biggest problems that led to her breakup with Diamond is her size.

Zari’s body weight is controlled by photoshop

That does not absolve Diamond from the fact that he is a poon hound. That does not excuse Mondi for allowing his toxic mother to have a say in his relationships but it also doesn’t excuse Zari’s lack of impulse control not the fact that she demands her photographers edit her photos. And Lokole is right about the way weight gain negatively impacts relationships.

Zari Hassan’s second born son comes out, declares he is gay! (Screenshot)

A woman should strive to remain attractive to her husband/ boyfriend. Attraction is a major factor to the quality and longevity of relationships and when the woman gains weight and her man loses his attraction, Lokole is right that life will happen and the man might be swayed.

Diamond and Zari
Zari Hassan talks getting back with Diamond Platnumz and ditching King Bae (Video)

Is it fair? Life doesn’t care. Is Lokole wrong? Only to sensitive women who know they have a reason to be upset at the truth.

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Zari is barking up the wrong tree as pertains to her son being gay

Zari Hassan, the mother, not the celebrity we interact with online is dealing with a very heavy subject matter: her son, 13-year-old Raphael Jnr came out as a homosexual on Instagram in a video that he himself shot and posted then invited his forty-seven thousand fans to engage him with questions.

Zari reveals why Tanzanian women are to blame for ‘making’ her son gay

Zari was clearly unaware that her son was going to take to Instagram to handle such a sensitive topic, leave alone invite all the strangers and weirdos from the internet to engage him, a minor on such a heavy topic. it is at this point that we need to remind ourselves that Zari is a mother.

Zari's son Raphael Jnr
Zari’s son Raphael Jnr who recently came out as a homosexual

Not only that but she is now dealing (on her own as the children’s father, Ivan Ssemwanga is dead) with a topic that is taboo in a lot of countries and cultures so she really must thank her lucky stars that she is in South Africa where it isn’t quite as taboo.

Beef aside! Mange Kimambi steps in to defend Zari and son, Raphael from bullies!

How should Zari start tackling this topic? Well, for starters, I would advise her to have a conversation about the birds and the bees or heaux and the bros if she hasn’t already and as she does so, she needs to let her children know that regardless of their orientation, she is still their mother and she loves them.

Zari's son Raphael Jnr
Zari’s son Raphael Jnr on the day he came out as a homosexual

She should also try and find out whether there have been instances of sexual abuse that her children were exposed to. While the mantra goes that “we were born this way”, a huge complication that comes from sexual abuse of minors is something called Rape Trauma Syndrome which can lead to them become hypersexualized and even affect their inclination and orientation aswell as their self-esteem. Zari needs to explore every possibility where her children are concerned.

Zari Hassan speaks after son comes out of the closet

Another tidbit I would advise her to do is to get her son into therapy. He clearly needs someone to talk to in an environment he feels safe in because lets face it, while Zari as the mother would want to believe she can go above and beyond for her child including dealing with this homosexuality matter, we as human beings need to be honest enough to admit when we are out of sorts and unfamiliar with certain subject matter. This I would argue is one such sitaution.

Zari's son Raphael Jnr
Zari’s blames Tanzanian women for her son Raphael Jnr coming out as a homosexual.

But the one thing that Zari decided to do is the one thing I wouldn’t advise anyone to do: she looked for a scapegoat. Diamond Platnumz’ex decided to accuse Tanzanian women of messing with her child and being the reason for his self identified sexual orientation -being gay. According to her, his is a natural reaction to all the women and girls in his DMs sending him illicit and inappropriate material.

Zari Hassan’s second born son comes out, declares he is gay! (Screenshot)

While it goes without saying that what she has done is needlessly antagonize people, some of whom will have no qualms about taking out their ire on her and Raphael Jnr which would only serve to make a hairy situation even worse.

What Zari should be doing is observing radio silence for now. She needs to go no contact with the world and instead, channel all her enrgery into dealing with her son and this homosexual situation. She really should cut down on the IG fingers. She needs to focus on the real issues, and not the side show.

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Dear Zari, we haven’t forgotten King Bae and all your drama

Zari has come a long way from being Ivan Ssemwanga’s wife to being with Diamond Platnumz as his common-law wife to being a single mother after he left her and moved on with her life to her treating us to her nonsense “relationships” and social media stunts including her dalliance with King Bae.

Zari Hassan comes clean about baby daddy allegedly kicking her out of the South African mansion

For quite a few years, we were treated to a lot of information about King bae and the ways in which he was better than Diamond Platnumz and we had to endure the obvious lies. For some reason, East African women with the exception of women who in Tanzania (who knew they would be the intelligent ones in all this?) fell for the King Bae nonsense hook, line and sinker.

Zari Hassan talks getting back with Diamond Platnumz and ditching King Bae (Video)

We had women who had been aggrieved by their partners living vicariously through Zari while others actually called it quits in their own relationships because Zari had set the tone and proven they too could move on and find a high value, high networth individual who would be more than willing to sign themselves up for the bullshit that is taking care of another man’s children. And this is something a lot of women are in pain over.

Zari Hassan talks getting back with Diamond Platnumz and ditching King Bae (Video)

Zari was the one who sold a lie to the point of even faking a wedding with King Bae only for him to cheekily slink into the shadows when it was convenient and now that she is in Tanzania, the truth has come out and guess what? There never really was any wedding. Duh! Only desperate single mothers and divorcees believed her anyway.

Emotional moments as Diamond Platnumz welcomes Zari and their kids into Tanzania

I get it that Zari was under immense pressure to look like a successful woman and in truth, that also means having a happy family and sated man as well as having a thriving business but take a second to ask yourself who put that level of pressure on her and you will see the culprit is herself. Sitting in the shadows and chiding her into getting into a competition with Diamond Platnumz.

Why Zari can only blame herself for the hate she receives over her body

The prayer at this point is for her to be over and done with that phase of her life. The prayer is for her to finally have found peace with the fact that her best bet is to be a second or third wife and realize that she cannot compete with diamond Platnumz who is at the apex of his money, looks and status. He has won. If not for that reason then because we are tired of the nonsense lies. Tanzanians were ruthless when they realized she had been lying about her physique. That was simply a symptom of them being worn out with her King Bae bullshit.

Zari hanging out with Lokole

We are now too old for this nonsense and hopefully, Zari is too.

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Why Zari can only blame herself for the hate she receives over her body

Zari has been having a rough time of it ever since she landed in Tanzania to allow Diamond Platnumz to see and spend time with his two children by her ex, Nillan and Tiffah. You see, thanks to all the features on smartphones plus the filters that come on social media, Zari has had a “forever 21” mystique. She has managed to look beautiful for more than one would think possibly nor probable for a forty-something-year-old mother of five.

“Problem is you are fake and you lie too much” Mange Kimambi blasts Zari Hassan after socialites ‘fat’ photos emerge online

I mean, make no mistake about it, Zari is an attractive woman (or I should say was) and even for a woman her age, she looks better than most. However, she takes things too far with her use of filters to do away with all her flaws and to enhance her beauty. She uses the apps to do away with any blemishes on her skin, to trim her fat folds and fat limbs aswell as to tuck away any unsightly areas of fat.

Zari’s body weight revealed now that she can’t photoshop

As a result, Zari has created unrealistic beauty standards and expectations for herself, unrealistic standards that have come back to haunt her as she is not going to be able to uphold the expectations she herself created.  And as a result, she has given her enemies a lot of fodder and ammunition for their weapon of choice; words.

“Wanaumia mpaka wanaharisha” Zari Hassan claps back at fat shaming trolls

And she has quite a repertoire of haters but one thing I can say is that the most intelligent by far is Mange Kinambi who has been a thorn in her’s and Diamond Platnumz’side. So when Zari tried to claim that she was being fat-shamed, Mange knew to keep the debate focused on the truth: Mama Tiffah had created beauty standards she herself was unable to maintain and she cannot do anything to respond to the very accurate argument that:

Zari with a fan

Usibadilishe topic. Tatizo sio unene, tatizo sio wewe kunenepa. Nenepa kwa raha zako. Kwanza kuna watu wanapendeza wakiwa wanene hadi raha, mashepu hadi kuleeee. We jinenepee ukitaka pasuka kabisa.

Zari Hassan cruelly trolled by Tanzanians over massive weight that has left her looking like Diamond Platnumz aunty

So what is Zari to do? Well, for starters, she should stop doing all the photo editing she used to do. She needs to accept that nature favoured her for a time but father time has caught up with her. She should accept her body, warts and all and be truly proud of who she is and the body she has but I am pretty sure that once she is back in South Africa, she will go back to photoshopping and using filters although her life depended on it.

Zari Hassan looking all-classy

And as a result, Zari will continue to be the lightning rod of online hate as women who were once enamoured by the image she portrayed, now attack her for daring to feed their insecurity and falling far more than short of perfection.

Emotional moments as Diamond Platnumz welcomes Zari and their kids into Tanzania (Video)

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Living a lie: Why Zari is being bashed on social media

Zari Hassan has once more found herself the topic of conversation on social media and this time, an entire bunch of women have decided to talk about Zari and it got so over the top till she decided to address the haters.

“Mend your relationships with your baby daddies!” Zari Hassan mocks bitter baby mamas

The content of conversation started around the fact that Zari Hassan got Diamond Platnumz to buy her a Bentley. The first reason why this is such a problem is that when Zari first starting talking about diamond Platnumz after her split from the superstar lothario, she alleged that he had left her high and dry in South Africa, doing everything possible for the children.


Turns out that was a lie. Zari was living in Diamond’s house all along and he had been sending money for his two children’s upkeep. However, due to the fact that they had some sort of an altercation, the child support reportedly stopped. So then we were treated to the biggest fiasco that Zari Hassan would like us to forget about: King Bae.

Sad! Zari Hassan emotionally opens up on being subjected to an abusive marriage

King Bae was a really pathetic attempt at proving to the world that Zari has moved on from her broken heart following the fact that diamond made it very clear he was done with her. We were treated to all manner of teases and silhouettes that were all different but the assumption was that we are too stupid to tell the difference.


And that is why East Africans are unhappy with Zari. We have been treated to one fake stunt after another. And the real worst part of all of it is the fact that it was unnecessary. Zari already had East Africans eating out of her hands.

Zari Hassan should write a female dating strategy guide

Zari had the sympathy of everyone who saw that Diamond was really a toxic partner. But she somehow managed to push people away from her with her stunts but also with the fact that she always seemed to have something bad to say about Diamond Platnumz.


And now that she is back on good terms with him, she has decided to mock his other baby mamas and that is something that seems to have triggered a lot of single mothers and fans of said women. And the fact that Zari was also a champion of degrading one’s relationship with their co-parents is something not lost on anyone and it only serves to antagonize the same women who swallowed her advice and actions hook line and sinker.

Asante Baba Tee (Tiffah for the Top Up. Ikikuhusu/to whom it may concern. Mambo ya top imeleta balaa. Top up ni mchango. Sio ati kanilipia zote ama kaninunulia. It’s a contribution/ mchango. Kwani kuna ubaya gani? Mnatokwa makamusi yanin? Luga ndo tatizo, ama akili zenu ndogo. Isiumizwe na maisha ya mtu. We all have 24hours, use them wisely or mend your baby daddy relationships uhongwe at aka vitz,”

Anyway, one thing that cannot be said about Zari is that she is spineless. She has been fighting back against the haters and it is making for an interesting watch.

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Why Zari inviting Diamond Platnumz back into his children’s life is fantastic

Zari and Diamond Platnumz have had a storied history for such a shortlived couple. the two were the quintessential toxic couple. When things were good, they looked like they were on cloud nine. But when things started going south, the couple lived in and created hell for each other.

Diamond Platnumz extravagant house tour that has taken Africa by storm (Video)

Diamond Platnumz created hell by not caring about Zari who went into a whirlwind of trying to humiliate him by publicly dumping him on Valentine’s day. It can be argued that Chibu D had gotten what he wanted but was too cowardly to execute. But Zari continued her campaign of emotional harassment, and blame. we were treated to accusations of infidelity aswell as allegations of his being a deadbeat dad.

Diamond Platnumz children
Diamond and Zari´s kids: Prince Nillan (left) and Princess Tiffah (right)

The stories would change subtly from time to time to the point we found out Zari had moved into Diamond Platnumz’ home in South Africa. But make no mistake about it, Mondi too fed the fire, constantly taking digs at Zari by praising whichever woman had caught his fancy.

“No one has ever matched your giving heart, everyone is clout chasing” Zari Hassan throwing at Diamond Platnumz while celebrating Ivan Don?

And this was all taking a toll on both Tiffah and Nilan, the former couple’s children.

Diamond Platnumz
Bongo Flava sensation, Diamond Platnumz

And for years, the couple were at an impasse as Zari soon moved out of Diamond’s house and refused to allow Diamond Platnumz from seeing or talking to his children. The year 2020 however, has been a mixed bag for Diamond who cannot tour but has been granted access to his children.
That means that if he actually gets his act together, he will actually be a good influence on their lives.

New photo of baby Naseeb Junior will leave women throwing themselves at Diamond Platnumz for the good genes!

And this is actually a scientific fact as children who grow without their father’s involvement have abandonment issues. And for their children, this could manifest in a rebellious tendency that is caused by resentment of father figures and authority figures.

Zari Hassan

Attachment issues which could lead to an affinity to resort to anger as a baseline emotion. Also, kids from households without fathers form unhealthy attachments to their partners much later in life. And this is something Diamond Platnumz should be cognizant of especially with regard to his daughter Tiffah.

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz to reunite after nasty breakup!

I was researching for this opinion piece but I am not going to paraphrase what I found. Instead, allow me to share with you what I found which diamond Platnumz should really hope to guard against now that Zari has given him this opportunity to be involved in his children’s lives:

Lack of paternal involvement has also been associated with a higher likelihood of being bullied and experiencing abuse (Allen & Daly, 2007). Educating uninvolved fathers and helping them play a more active role in their child’s life could benefit both families and communities. To bring this into focus, the present article aims to highlight ten adverse outcomes that may result from the absence of a father in a child’s life: (1) Perceived abandonment, (2) attachment issues, (3) child abuse, (4) childhood obesity, (5) criminal justice involvement, (6) gang involvement, (7) mental health issues, (8) poor school performance, (9) poverty and homelessness; and (10) substance use.

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I reiterate the earlier sentiment that Zari has done the right thing in allowing the children an opportunity to have their father, Diamond Platnumz in their lives.


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Why Zari’s co-parenting style is emotionally abusive

Zari and Diamond Platnumz are co-parents. The two were involved in a romantic relationship for a couple of years resulting in the births of Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan. The relationship didn’t last long and after playing itself out in the public gallery, it soon imploded just as publicly. Zari shared a now-infamous black rose post on Valentine’s Day of 2018.

zari and diamond
Ex-power couple, Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz

The post saw her pull the curtains on her romantic dalliance with the star who by all reports had already moved on from their love, their marital bed and their familial bond, preferring Hamisa Mobetto’s bed. Zari was saving face and given just how solipsistic her fanbase is, she managed to convince them that she was the one who initiated the break-up.

Revealed! Why Zari Hassan does not pay much attention to her son, Nillan

Zari then fled the house she lived in with Diamond and went to South Africa where she quickly got her children South African nationality and from there, she demanded Diamond be making the trip to South Africa to be seeing his children.
Diamond did initially do so, even allowing her to live in his house in South Africa but Mondi soon began to grumble about the cost and inconvenience of the matter, eventually requesting her to move back to Tanzania, a request Zari Hassan would hear none of.


Mondi eventually got fed up and started talking to Zari through his lawyers. Probably someone in his camp advised him to protect himself. Zari, during her interview with Millard Ayo, cited this as something that caused her irritation so she began to also demand that his lawyers talk to her lawyers rather than to her directly. She then began to run the narrative that Diamond is a deadbeat dad -all the while she would be posting content from the house he had allowed her to live in for the sake of his children.

Zari posing
South-African business mogul, Zari Hassan

This doesn’t absolve Diamond from his personal failing sand capabilities. Rather, this is an article about how Zari’s idea of co-parenting is witchcraft. Why? Because rather than facilitate the interactions between Diamond and his children, she ran to air his dirty linen in public. And ever the egotistical man, Diamond recoiled from the sting of public scrutiny. Things reportedly got so bad that when he declared he would be paying for 500 Tanzanian families their rent during the Covid19 pandemic period, she jumped in to attack the Tanzanian crooner about abandoning his children.

And speaking to this assumption of poor co-parenting skills, Zari allowed Diamond and his family to talk to his children and they were all over the moon at being allowed so special a gift by the children’s mother.
Let that sink in.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan finally settle their differences!

The truth of how abusive that fact alone is very clear once you swallow your dislike of who Diamond Platnumz or rather Abdul Naseeb Jnr is as a man, as a father. You have to admit that if co-parenting is to work, both parents have to be willing to make it work. That would mean Zari has to meet Diamond halfway. You cannot run to South Africa and demand Diamond comes all the way from Tanzania to see his children for a weekend or even a week. You cannot visit Tanzania and refuse to bring your children along with you to spend time with their father or his family. What sort of co-parenting witchcraft is this?
zari thirst trap

And ultimately, Zari has to remember that for better or for worse, it was she who decided to have children and settle down with diamond even though all knew too well just what kind of man Diamond Platnumz is.



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Zari shouldn’t give up on love but accept being a second or third wife

Zari has been unlucky in love. Perhaps this is proof that she makes poor decisions when it comes to love or that she is unlucky in love.
Whatever the case may be, she has had her fair share of failed relationships.

Zari and Diamond

Zari’s first boyfriend, Rasta Rob, exposed her dirty linen in public which would mean she dated a snitch who would later turn his telltale ways on his former beau.


Then there was her former husband, Ivan Ssemwanga whom she left and later claimed was abusive towards her. And she did and said all this from the comfort of Diamond Platnumz house and probably in his bed.
And we all know how the Diamond Platnumz relationship played out with it finally culminating in her posting her famous black rose Instagram post.

Zari Hassan

Whatever the case may be, those are the more public relationships she has had. She also dated King Bae who was unmasked to have been a married man and that relationship fizzled out after she had been touting him as being more of a man than Diamond.
She conveniently forgot about King Bae when it was clear that the situation was going awry and then she started publicly cavorting with an 18-year-old up and coming musician. And even that is not going to go anywhere because let us face it, Zari, being 32 or 32 is over the hill and she comes with the baggage of 5 children.


And that brings us to the premise of the article. That for Zari, the only option for a happily ever after is either for her to rinse out a second-hand husband or to marry a polygamist. That is the only type of man who will gladly open his home to a woman with 5 children from two different men. This is not to say Zari doesn’t look beautiful for a woman her age and one with five children.

South-African business mogul, Zari Hassan

But the fact remains, no high-value male or a male of any value whatsoever is going to open up his home, heart, wallet and pants for a lady who is clearly still not over her ex as she constantly attempts to one-up him and constantly put him down.


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Why Kenyan women are posting more thirst traps on Instagram

I don’t know about you but when I go down my Instagram (from henceforth referred to as IG) timeline, I come across a lot of thirst traps from Kenyan celebs and normal Kenyan women aswell.
And if it isn’t going down on their own IG accounts, then it does when they go live with either Xtiandela or Vera Sidika.


So why have we been seeing this of late? The answer is pretty simple really. With the self-quarantine, Kenyans aren’t interacting with each other. That means Kenyan women who are accustomed to being hit on and validated on these Kenyan streets are no longer getting hit on.

zari flaunts her thirst trap results
And the proof of the fact is in all the memes being created poking fun at the sexual frustrations men have.


So what is Caro to do? What are Fei and Nyambura to do? Rather than accept the lack of validation, they have simply adapted and begun seeking attention online. And it is a rather smart way to do it. All you need are bundles and away you go, participating in twerk contests and getting realtime thirsty simps to harp on about how sexy you are. That is why Zari undertook her pillow challenge and why Vera has begun thirst baiting, promising to twerk on her IG live if she gets to her Mpesa donation mark.

zari thirst trap

Indeed, Kenyan female celebrities are at the forefront of this new thottery. And as they do so, they are extra careful to ensure they share the stats of their IG live interactions and engagements. The simps are sated as are Kenyan women.



On this one, however, I guess it simply is a case of life adapting to the digital landscape. Just because Kenyan women cannot be validated in the streets doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be validated virtually. Then again, this is the same lass who will announce to the world two weeks after her life is back to normal with an end being called to self-quarantine, that she is more than her body…



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Why Zari laughing at and insulting slay queens is an own goal

Zari recently took to her social media pages and decided to take some potshots at a group of people, ladies rather that are considered the laughing stocks of society: slay queens. With Kenya attempting to flatten the curve of the Covid19 pandemic, economic and social lives have taken quite the hit with Kenyans mocking and making fun of them.

zari tukanas slayqueens

Zari isn’t necessarily the one to mock them, however. Why? Because if we take a look at her history, a case can be made for the fact that she is simply a successful slay queen from the era before social media and people dry snitching on themselves.

Revealed! Why Zari Hassan does not pay much attention to her son, Nillan

But that doesn’t change the fact that Zari was accused by her first lover, A Ugandan DJ of being a slay queen before the term existed.


According to Zari’s ex, a DJ by the name Rasta Rob, came forward a few years ago to open up about his relationship with Zari Hassan. From when he found her to dating her and even talking about her character. And the only thing Zari really did when she mocked slay queens was to open this can of worms.

Zari in Ivan's former office
Zari the boss lady

Anyway, back to the lecture at hand…
“For a better part of my life, I have been a DJ. Many times, I used to perform in Jinja, at a place called Sailing Club. That is where I ­first met Zari. She was still a young girl. She must have been around 18,” said Rasta Rob.
“It’s me who brought Zari to Kampala many years ago around 1996 or 1997.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan finally settle their differences!

It is here where I met her. She was among the girls who always came for the disco. She was in her teens… about 18 and extremely beautiful. She used to come to me, requesting for songs and it is here that I used my chance. She was jumping around with every man. I finally let go but she was my girlfriend for 3 years.”

So from what we can gather, Zari started up as a slay queen. Then to make matters worse, Zari then popped up by Ivan Ssemwanga’s side and we saw her life play out like that of a woman who had finally won herself a rich man. Complete with him setting up for her a boutique selling clothes. And though Zari insists that she helped build the empire Ivan Ssemwanga created, there have never been any receipts offered to prove this point yet we know that a lot of women consider buying their men socks and boxers an investment in their empire.

Then came Diamond and Zari got pregnant faster than a 21-year-old girl in love with a Lang’ata makanga. They had literally not even gotten through the “getting to know each other” phase of their infatuation when Zari announced she was pregnant. And she was quick to move into his house. That actually just left my head reeling.

So that then begs the question, does Zari have amnesia when it comes to certain aspects of her life and is she so tone-deaf as to not know how people would remember her statement?


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Zari thanks her fans for always supporting her after clocking 4 Million followers on Instagram

Socialite Zari Hassan has come out to thank her fans after supporting her on social media. Diamond Platnumz ex-wife has now hit 4 million fans on IG and was really happy. She took to the platform to thank everyone that has helped her hit the milestone.

“Wapendwa wangu Sina cha Kuwalipa Zaidi ya kusema ASANTENI sana kwa 4M followers.
Ninyi Ni Ma Ndugu kwangu, Mmekua Nami Bega Kwa Bega Kwenye Shida na Raha. Sasa Mnichiangieni $1 kila mtu tujenge clinic ya wanawake sehemu yoyote dar, Najua tukiipata Baba Magufuli atatupa kiwanja… #JustSaying PENDA SANA NYINYI.❤ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 4M. LOVE YOU ALL.” she said.

Still optimistic

The milestone comes hot on the heels following Babu Tale, Diamond’s manager’s bold move to travel to South Africa in a mission to reunite Zari and Diamond, for the sake of their children; Tiffah and Nillan.

Diaomond now has 4.7 million followers on Instagram.

Zari: Who is this Ringtone? I don’t Know him

It’s a moment singer Ringtone has waited for months but now that it’s here, there’s a problem. Zari Hassan is in Kenya to grace The Colour Purple event this weekend at the Uhuru Gardens. Ringtone has been doing everything possible to get her attention and now that she’s in Kenya, he has been optimistic that they might finally meet, and maybe wed.

Zari, however, has no idea who this Ringtone guy is.

In an interview with Kiss FM, the Ugandan opened up that she doesn’t know him and doesn’t have an idea how much he’s into her.

“I don’t know Ringtone and I have never met him. This is actually news to me. I have over 3.9 million followers on Instagram and I wouldn’t know who follows me,” she said in the interview.

Zari in kenya

Can’t give him my number

While Ringtone has been feeding Kenyans a lot of tales of how he’s trying his best to win the mother of five, Zari, has been sharing how she doesn’t need a man. In the interview, she was quick to say that she wouldn’t give ringtone her number.

When asked if she can share her number with Ringtone, she said,  “I wouldn’t want that to happen (laughs).”