Zari’s brother reveals how much she contributed to their mother’s 55 million shillings hospital bill

Diabetes was the root cause of Halima Hassan’s death contrary to earlier reports that she succumbed to heart disease. Zari’s brother revealed how much it cost them to treat their mother before she finally died.

In his eulogy, Zari brother revealed that his mother was suffering from diabetes and that her pancreas had swollen as a result. He said the chronic disease was the cause of his mother’s death.

Zari’s brother also disclosed that their family spent 55 million Ugandan shillings or Kes 1.5 million in the treatment of their mother. He stated that his sister Zari contributed the bulk of the amount – 12 million UGX or Kes 346,334.

Zari’s brother addressing mourners during his mother’s burial

Meanwhile Zari’s sister Asha famously known as Ashutalal also opened up and said that her mother knew she was going to die thus requested to leave South Africa (where she was first admitted to hospital) for her native Uganda.

“When I used to live with my mom in South Africa but when she started getting sick she told me that she wanted to leave because she didn’t want to return to Uganda in a coffin. I think she felt that her time to leave this world had come and she wanted to go back to Uganda while she was alive,” Asha told mourners during her mother’s burial.

Watch the video of the funeral service below: