Nyashinski’s hot wife opens up about struggle with weight loss months after giving birth (Photos)

Nyashinski’s wife, Zia Bett welcomed their first born baby in March 2020 and just like any new mum; Ms Bett ended up with some extra stubborn baby fat that left her looking for slimming solutions everywhere.

For those who understand baby fat well will tell you that it’s actually worse than an oil stain on a piece of clothing; why? Well this is because most of the time new mums tend to forget themselves; and by the time most realize theor weight is getting out of hand – it’s usually too late!

Speaking about her experience with stubborn baby fat a year later; Ms Zia Bett through her gram went on to say;

Nyashinski’s wife showing off her before and after weight loss transformation

#MondayMorningMotivation. Long Post alert ???? I’ve really debated posting this transformation, only cause I can’t believe that’s how I’d been walking these streets & no one told me ???? But honestly, after bringing life into this world, anything beyond taking care of a new born is a favour ????????‍♀️ Though, I vividly remember looking in the mirror & just hating how I looked and felt. I didn’t wanna feel like that anymore. I knew I could look better, I knew I could feel better.

One step at a time

Although the pressure to lose weight often ends up being an obsession; Zia Bett advised her followers to take one day at a time saying;

Zia Bett looking like a shnaack

If that’s you regardless of whether you’ve had a baby or not, the biggest lesson I’ve learnt in my health & fitness journey so far, is to break that mental cage. Take it a day at a time. I’ve tried keto/healthy eating/working out so many times & it does get overwhelming to imagine your life without all those delicious things, or just magically going to the gym everyday, but just put your mind to that ONE day. “Today, I’m eating healthy” & that’s all you focus on that day. Tomorrow will figure itself out. Then do the same thing the next day & the next day. When the day gets hard, break it down to hours. “This hour I’m eating healthy” etc until you acquire that discipline.

Lastly, Zia promised to share her secret to weight loss seeing how fast she managed to transform in only a year.

I feel strongly to share my journey cause I know weightloss/staying healthy is a battle we all struggle with. I’ll strive to be as real as possible, in the hopes that I’ll inspire even if it’s one person. Let me know what you’d like to know more about & I’ll do my best to share my experience with you. Happy Monday! Let’s get it! ????????

Nyashinski’s wife serving hot looks on her special day, 9 months after welcoming bouncing baby boy

Nandi girl, Zia Bett is a first time mom, lucky enough to have had her body snap back barely months after gracing the delivery room.

The fashion designer and stunning beauty welcomed her first child with hubby, Nyashinski born Nyamari Ongegu on Friday, March 13 in a private event.

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And just 9 months later, the young mom looks like a million bucks!

Zia Bett flaunts hourglass figure

A dear Zia went mum for months, keeping her motherhood journey under wraps and fans in the dark on their new bundle of joy.

Zia Bett serving some hot looks

Fortunately, it is birthday month and she can hide no more.

The curvy, chocolate-skinned beauty has set the Internet ablaze after stepping out in a stylish, tight-fitting red dress with a sling bag in place and the animal print heels on point.

A photo you will easily mistake for a hot campus babe, living her best life while the sun still shines.

Keeping it simple but cheeky;

“Birthday Month ???????? Accepting early gifts in form of MPESA & food. Thanks. ????”

Nyashinski’s wife looking like a million bucks months after welcoming newborn

A photo that left fans drooling over the stunning beauty, who despite her simplicity, housed some undeniably killer looks.

It is all happy birthday to the Nandi girl on her big day!

What do you have to tell her?

Nyashinski talks about months-old son for first time (Video)

Months after welcoming newborn baby with wife Zia Bett, Nyashinski talks about his son’s future.

During his recent sit-down with Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja, the politician out of the blues, questioned about the singer’s family and kids, before Nyashinski opened up about his months-old son.

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At the time the interview was being recorded, Nyashinski revealed that his son was 2 months old and hoped he would grow up healthy, happy and with a good name. “Those are the three biggest things I hope for, even more than money,” he stated.

Legendary rapper Nyashinski

He further admitted that getting a kid had completely changed his perspective about life.

Now able to know how it feels to be a father not just to a child, but to a young soul that is expectant of a good life, better than that of his dad, with dreams that need to get accomplished eventually.

Lovers, Zia Bett and Nyashinski

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The Hello singer bashed individuals whose ego had seen them classify people into certain backgrounds while at the end of the day, all that a parent desires is to meet their child’s basic needs and more.

The problem is our level of thinking; that the only way of guaranteeing your child their needs is money. So you do everything you can including not being a present parent for your child. Just to ensure your kid grows up around wealth. Only to find that by the time you get that wealth, you have already lost your child.

Father of one, Nyashinski

The rapper and long-time lover, Zia Bett welcomed their bouncing baby boy around March, roughly three months after their private traditional Nandi nuptials in November 2019.

Details of their baby’s exact age however remain scanty but we wish the new parents well. Listen in;

Nyashinski among the most influential rappers in Kenya


Nyashinski, whose real name is Nyamare Ongegu is a Kenyan talented rapper. He pursed his degree in Environmental planning management, but he clearly stated in his interview with Daily Nation that he has never applied it directly. Nyashinski pursed his high school level of education at the Nairobi School, where he met his former music group members, Kleptomaniax. He has always kept his social life from social media. He is said to be dating a lady from Daystar University by the name Zia Jepkemei Bett.

One of the groups hit song was Tuendelee, released in 2004 as a diss song. The group disbanded in 2007 each one of the members embarking on solo projects.

Below is a link to the video.



Nyashinski travelled abroad and came back to Kenya after 10 years. He has being doing so well in music and his creativity is amazing. Some of his songs that have been on the waves are Bebi Bebi. Bebi Bebi was released in 2018. ‘Bebi bebi’ is an R&B song.

This guy has prowess in his lyrics. He has a voice that is entertaining. Can’t get enough of his work. He is also known for his jam Malaika. ‘Malaika’ is a great soul song released in 2017. After the long break, Nyashinski awed Kenyans by releasing a song that got everyone corner of the country impressed.

watch Malaika below.

His work shows that he is a man  full of creativity and originality. Nyashinski has made collaboration efforts with popular artists such as Nameless ‘Let It Go’ and Sauti Sol band ‘Short and Sweet’. He believes in himself making his fans love him more.

Recently he has been doing so well and goes to release new songs. His recent song Marathon Runner hitting the airwaves 3 weeks ago.

click on the link below to listen to the audio.

Nyashinski is and will always be my favourite artist. His prowess in rap music is something that Kenyan artists should watch. His song Hayawani is my favourite. It was so creative of him and to talk of how human beings have turned cold on their fellow human beings. Also the video to the song was so creative.

Watch Hayawani video.

Also, Nyashinski has also done well on the song KEBS. His creativity is evident in this video. Artwork at its best.