Nyashinski needs to teach Kenyan celebs how to be a celebrity family man

Nyashinski is one of the few celebrities who can teach his male counterparts healthy and wholesome ways of how to maintain their status and still be a functional husband and father because he understands a key factor: the difference between secrecy and privacy.

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You see, like every other Kenyan celeb out there, his DMs is choke-full of members of the opposite gender shooting their shot at him trying to either enjoy a stolen moment or perhaps even steal the position of wife from Zia Bett.

Lovers, Zia Bett and Nyashinski

But he has his head on straight and he understands priorities and for him, his wife and family is a chief priority. So he keeps his business private thus protecting it from all the demons. We see and know that he is a married man and father but beyond that, ask yourself, what do you really know?

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And it is because he respects his family enough to keep their business private that Nyashinski has given his family a fighting chance. First, should he decide to get involved with some random snatch, the bearers of said snatch know not to try to implode his life because there is a hard boundary there. Any woman who decides to help him scratch his itch knows that he cannot be distracted from focusing on being a great husband and father.

Nyashinski stays in his lane and that’s why he’s always winning

And as a result, they would all know to toe the line. They would understand that unlike with Mr Seed or Jamal Roho Safi, any disrespect these women send at his wife would not be tolerated.

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And should he decide to be the solitary outlier of Kenyan celebrities who does not have any hanky-panky outside of his wedlock, then he wouldn’t have lost anything because his brand is firmly rooted in you not knowing a damn thing anyway.

Zia Bett
Mrs Nyashinski, Zia Bett

As a result, he has peace, his wife, Zia Bett has peace and more importantly, their family knows peace because even when they stumble and have to deal with an issue, they have all the privacy they need to navigate choppy waters. I hope Anerlisa Muigai is taking notes here.

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