‘Taking over the rap game in Kenyan is my goal’ Yung Koded back with Kenyan baby

Kenyan artist based in the United States Yung Koded might not be familiar with many of you buy truth is, this young man is a gifted rapper, writer and there’s just something about how he spits his bars.

Photo courtesy: Yung Koded

Having discovered he’d been gifted musically (not that everyone can rap or keep bars rhyming) Yung Koded says he started perfecting it from age 11 and now – he’s one of the top fast rising rappers taking over the Kenyan music industry.

Wait. Actually seeing guys like him come up and push new content/style for the Z Gen means there’s a future for Kenyan music industry especially now that most are settling down and leaving the music scene.

Changing the game for local rappers

However for Yung Koded, this is like a new book with empty chapters for him to write and leave his footprints through his music. So far – Yung Koded has proven himself not once or twice but due to the long distance – he doesn’t get push his music as much as needed.

Yung Koded with NRG radio host Shaq The Yungin

Y’all ever heard Fuego….damn…one of the best songs we’ve seen the Yung Koded release and although we agree Kenyans are sleeping on this song – truth it’s just the tip

Of the iceberg showing what the rapper can offer.

For this reason we finally have a new joint from Koded dubbed Kenyan baby and from the lyrics – I can bet y’all that the only thing standing between Yung Koded and stardom in Kenya is the long distance.

Otherwise – if there’s a new rapper about to give East African rappers a run for their money is this young man.

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