Talent Or Education? Why Trio Mio Shouldn’t Be Harassed For Staying Silent Over KCSE Grade

Trio Mio is the youngest successful artist in the 254. His music has impressed netizens over the years. Even after the death of proper Gengetone music, the youngin has thrived & remains relevant to date. It was during his early high-school period that he got his breakthrough after his hit song ‘Cheza kama wewe’ hit the airwaves & went viral. Currently, the remix stands at 12 million views on YouTube.

Trio Mio A Big Deal

Trio’s immense talent has led to netizens keeping a close eye on him; especially on his performance in school. So many were eager to know his high school grade and compare whether he’s good in both schoolwork & music.

His mother a while back also addressed the issue and told those who were waiting for her son to fail that the rapper had passed his exams but she also failed to name the grade.

Trio Mio has similarly been reluctant ever since the results were out.

The singer was performing in Dubai recently, and during an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Trio Mio maintained that he would not divulge his result since Kenyans knew him from his music; and not his studies.

“Bro sikukataa kusema results. Kwani mnadai kunilipia fees ya Uni nini? acheni hizo mabuda. Shughulikeni na maisha yenu. Mimi hamkunijua juu ya darasa.Mlinijua juu ya music and I know I’m good at what I’m doing. so check bro, maisha ni yangu, me sipangwigwi”He said.

And Trio should in no way be pressured to reveal his result. All we need to do is enjoy his good music & support him. Either way, he’s making millions than most educated fellas out here.

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