Tanasha Donna accused of flaunting fake hour glass figure, check out latest paparazzi photo

Lately things haven’t been so easy for local celebrities – especially with Edgar Obare’s students everywhere; ready to record or rather capture unique moments that will make headlines.

For some reason, most of these celebrities actually prefer ‘hiding’ these days; but somehow we still manage to get the good tea! Anyway Tanasha is currently the talk of town after she allegedly underwent surgery to help fix her Asian like curves.

Judging from the first photo shared after the surgery, I can promise you that she looked something like a curved out barbie; and the rest of the photos that followed made fans pity baby daddy Diamond Platnumz for losing such a dime!

Was it all fake?

However things now seem quite different from what we first believed thanks to new photo of Tanasha shared by Paparazzi who spotted her this weekend.

Remember the curvy curves and protruding hips? Well, there are not there! From where I am looking at the photo ( all angles believe me) nothing about the Nigerian surgery has changed Miss Donna. Feeling played.

Okay, maybe she now has hips and big booty – but where’s the size 24 waistline?

Or should we blame the photographer’s skills? No?

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Pauline Syombua

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