Tanasha Donna: Co-parenting the Tandale way has a cost

Image: Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna was recently spotted in Tanzania with Diamond Platnumz. The former couple were looking loved up and even had an all-out PDA session on stage with Tanasha attempting to kiss Mondi only for him to rebuff her.

This Is Why Tanasha Donna’s Attempt To Kiss Diamond On Stage Failed Terribly (Video)

The fact that she had decided to play lovey-dovey with her baby daddy; the fact that Tanasha Donna had been complaining about the fact that Diamond Platnumz does little to support her only for her to jump at the first meeting they have to try and seemingly rekindle their love was hilarious to see.

Tanasha Donna
Musician Tanasha Donna

But it caught few people off-guard. To be entirely honest, most of the women who have been with Diamond Platnumz have very few options after the fact. he is one of the highest value if not the highest value male within his age-group. He is the highest status superstar in Eastern and Central Africa. he is the wealthiest by a long shot. And he is actually one of the precious few who take care of his image and body.

Tanasha anajua? Diamond Platnumz alleged lover steps out wearing singer’s white gold chains (Video)

So when Tanasha Donna, Hamisa Mobetto and Zari leave the man (with their children in tow), they struggle to find someone else who will live up to the ghost of Diamond Platnumz. So they invariably do some version of a dance that leads them back to Tandale. Cue Thanos.

But Tanasha needs to come to the realization that what we saw her do over the fateful weekend will have dire consequences to her dating options. You see, Tanasha Donna is an outlier of a woman. She is a single mother who is a rare tier of beauty and many a man would be more than willing to swoop in and save her and from her single motherhood. She was blessed with beauty and a rare genetic composition that has allowed her to bounce back to an improved figure even though all reports have it that she is actually pretty lazy.

Tanasha Donna's ex Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz , Tanasha Donna’s baby daddy

So what happens whenever people see her pining for her ex? The man whom she was running around (unprompted mind you), talking about being a deadbeat father (although I am of the opinion she is lying about this).

“I approve” Mama Diamond Platnumz ready to take in Tanasha Donna as a daughter-in-law

Tanasha Donna does something that tells men she is merely a jump-off. In a society of weak-willed men, men who would love to be her son’s stepdaddy see her with her ex and realize she never really was over him. Diamond Platnumz is the one who was done with her and as a result, she is more than willing to jump whenever he asks her to. She will run off from your home to Tandale and spend time doing romantic things with her ex so why bother?

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna is still sexy even though she’s a single mother

Tanasha Donna needs to realize that Diamond Platnumz isn’t the type of man to settle back down with an ex-flame. So why bother showcasing the fact that she is not over her ex? This alone will severely limit her dating options because its bad enough dating a single mother, no man will tolerate open cuckoldry.

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