Tanasha Donna is getting exposed to reality by Tanzanians like we said she would

Tanasha Donna is facing some major backlash. We had predicted that she was riding a very thin cloud of appreciation and it would seem the first sounds of a revolution are finally sounding their percussions. Tanasha was supposed to be the lass that diamond Platnumz put on and who would have taken over the East African sound.

“Pambaneni na hali yenu!” Bongo fans ruthlessly tell off Tanasha Donna and her management

She had the people clamouring for music from her. Tanasha was popular: beautiful, soft-spoken and talented. Or so we thought but now it appears that we are being confronted by a less flattering truth and it told the story of a lazy artist.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna

You can imagine that immediately after Diamond Platnumz let go of Tanasha, she immediately ran to the media and they gave her their comfort. She then got the resultant sympathies of every East African celebrity fan. She was poised to be the lass who showed up Tanzania’s Mondi. Tanzanian fans would talk on her comment section asking her to drop some music. How else do you think a lot of music lovers came to the conclusion she was lazy? She had nothing to offer them. Not even a feature.

Tanasha Donna hits back at Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu for copy-pasting her lyrics in their new track ‘Cheche’ (Video)

And so it was that they slowly became less and less interested in what she had to offer. Tanasha became irrelevant due to her refusal to give her fans exactly what she was asking for and her management failed her by refusing to let popular sentiment sediment in her coconut.

Tanasha Donna
Kenyan songbird, Tanasha Donna

As a result, Tanzania’s pop music market is largely over her. But this isn’t the end, like with every artist, she is one smash hit away from rekindling their love. But she must be made aware of just how valuable the Bongo market is because unlike her domestic Kenyan market, Tanzanians will actually vote for her to win awards. Aye, the Tanzanian shilling is about as valuable as used tissue paper but enough of that used tissue paper can build you a paper mache house.

Tanasha Donna playing the victim after she was warned about Diamond is peak folly

And Tanzanians as I said earlier will not only vote for you at award ceremonies but also champion your cause when you have conflicts with multiple sources. But what do I know? Perhaps I am the one who is reading doom and gloom in the tea leaves. And understand that I truly want to see Tanasha Donna succeed. i want her to prove to everyone that contrary to what I think, Diamond Platnumz did not make her. he did not afford her a level of celebrity she would only have smelt from afar like a cabinet secretary’s fart.


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