Tanasha Donna needs to rehabilitate her public image and Diamond Platnumz can help her with that

Image: “I trusted too much,” Tanasha Donna opens up on her biggest regret in life (Video)

Tanasha Donna’s public image and her brand (yes, I divide the two into different distinct elements) have been taking quite a beating and it is all Ms Donna’s own fault. You see, she has seemingly been working tirelessly to become known for being a less than pristine character.

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let that sink in as you enjoy the irony of many people accusing her of being a rather lazy artist and I too am of that opinion. And I formed that opinion when I said she should have been more hardworking following her breakup with Diamond Platnumz. You see, Mondi had given her the type of clout which no other celebrity around East Africa could give her. And the breakup bought her our sympathies.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna

I am on record as having advised this lass to get her music together. She should have been releasing love songs centred around the experiences she had dating her baby daddy and the animus that brought her from her fellow women. Tanasha Donna could also have sung or rapped about the heartbreak she was enduring. She had the material to put out a large body of work but since she got that boon of attention, she simply kept mum. We saw her fronting and trying to put up appearances, acting like she had everything in order as if we didn’t know it was only logical and understandable for her to be a wreck.

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But you see, be that as it may have been, Tanasha had already poisoned her own well with the way she had acted while she was the toast of the town as she was displayed and draped on Daimond’s arm as much as she was once the breakup had happened. Atleast she was consistent with her bullshit.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna needs to start putting out alot more music

The stories are told of how much spite Ms Donna would pour on the heads of Kenyan media. While she was with her man, she came to Kenya to launch her LP and that was one of the times when Kenyan media has been treated the worst. Beyond that, she was also nasty to her fans and followers who out of care and concern for her, would call her out for her mistakes and laziness. She would also fight with bloggers who serve tea such as Edgar Obare who brings along “receipts” (proof) of her misdemeanours.

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And now that she actually needs the media to help her revamp her career, Tanasha Donna is left all alone and humiliated and she has no one to turn to because she has insisted on surrounding herself with “yes-men” entourage. So now she would be well advised to actually hire PR specialists who can help her revamp her public image and brand.

Tanasha Donna
Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna

And I would go as far as to advise her to get Diamond Platnumz onboard. He needs to pay for it after all and he can actually help her relaunch her career with just a little bit of the Diamond Platnumz stimulus package.

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