Tanasha Donna needs to stop focusing on Diamond Platnumz

Image: Tanasha Donna’s son’s new look proving that both his parents’ genes are strong

It would seem Tanasha Donna is one of those women who never learnt that ukiachwa, achika. I am saying this because even though it has been years since she was dumped by East Africa’s biggest star and left as yet another one of his single mother exes.

Weuh! Tanasha Donna rubbishes baby daddy’s claims that “Marriage ends careers”

I am saying all this because she has formed an opinion that not only is unnecessary but also shows that she is still butthurt by the fact that he has declared that he doesn’t see the point of getting married until he is ready to retire.

Tanasha Donna-IG

Ati for some reason Tanasha Donna decided that she needs to weigh in on everything Diamond said by saying:

Tanasha Donna over the moon as she plans to introduce 3 year old son to his grandmother for the first time

First of all marriage is not for both of you but it is for God. I believe you can be married and both fulfill your dreams. I don’t see anything wrong with that.
I don’t think everything changes when you are married and you can’t fulfill your dreams anymore since you have to focus on managing the home and whatnot. It depends on the couple.

But that raises the question of what she knows about marriage given she’s never actually gotten married and also, why would any intelligent woman listen to a single mother who is still baying after their baby daddy?

Tanasha Donna

Think about it, she is talking like this because she is bitter. She just realised what we knew all along, Diamond was never going to settle down with her. We had all known this all along and had attempted to warn her to no avail. And to make matters worse, she tried to baby trap him.

Diamond Platnumz on babysitting duties while ex Tanasha Donna enjoys vacation in Europe

But the jokes on her because she found out the hard way that Diamond Platnumz was only with her for the season and when her time was up, regardless of whether or not Tanasha Donna had managed to secure a baby from him, he was always going to dip.

Musician Tanasha Donna

She has been exposed for being terrible at judging character and situations. And this fact came to bite her in the um because now she isn’t simply a single mother but a single mother to a guy who is one of the highest value East African men. No one wants to touch her beyond a short while, a fun time and then they dump her back into the dating pool.

Tanasha Donna and Son, Naseeb

Tanasha Donna has woken up to this reality and she is getting bitter about it. No one has tried to settle down with her and meanwhile, Diamond Platnumz is saying she was never even in contention to become his wife. That is a crushing reality to have to swallow or bear.

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