Tanasha Donna playing the victim after she was warned about Diamond is peak folly

Image: Ex-couple, Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

Tanasha Donna is a peculiar one. She is so entitled to having things go her way -rather, she is so accustomed to having people make things happen for her that she is incapable of taking responsibility and being accountable for her decisions.

” I want for us to be united as we’ve all sired Diamonds children” Hamisa Mobetto to Zari and Tanasha Donna

She was warned by everyone including the one woman who had a history with Diamond Platnumz and was bold enough to warn her. Zari Hassan came through with a major warning for her that she ignored because the latter’s delivery was problematic but at the end of the day as an adult, you have to learn to separate chaff from wheat and take what you need.

Tanasha Donna
Ms Tanasha Donna

Tanasha donna was warned by a plethora of casual observers but it became clear that a lot of the warnings were emanating from haters. And she chose to drown those voices out and focus on moving forward with Diamond Platnumz.

Tanasha Donna, cut the BS, Diamond Platnumz made you as big as you are

She could have easily looked at the previous relationships he had been in and seen that he has not had much of a track record of being a great, nor even a good father to his children. He uses them as props and that seems to be it. So why Tanasha thought she was the one fated to tame and change Diamond Platnumz either speaks to her hubris or ignorance.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna donning a bikini

And now, she is busy posting about what a long-suffering single mother she is. She keeps posting and letting us know just how difficult single motherhood is and how brave she is to be struggling on alone. She forgets that she chose that life. She chose to be a single mother. She chose to have that struggle for the rest of her life -but I hear she is about to get married so perhaps she is about to alleviate her struggles.

Tanasha Donna’s revelation that she is getting married soon is troubling

When I read her most recent post about her struggle since she was shown Diamond Platnumz’real colours, I couldn’t help but laugh. I couldnae help but get my seven chuckles in because it spoke to air-headedness.

tanashadonna's profile picture

@naseeb.junior Your laugh is infectious my son… ???????? Glad you love your new home… Your momma works day & night to make sure you good & she’s only getting started.. trust me. ???? It’s never easy doing it alone, pressure is real, but so worth it & as long as i’m alive, You will never lack… I promise you. Alhamdulillah. ???????? Allah is on our side. #weblessed ????????????????❤️❤️

She even changed her religion to try and compel a man to give her what he is incapable of providing -commitment. But she should have known better.
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