Tanasha Donna needs to stop being so sensitive to trolls

Image: Tanasha Donna

Tanasha donna really needs to stop putting as much emphasis on social media as she does. The opinions you encounter online do nothing for your pocket and often only serve to anger one.

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And yet every single day we are greeted by another example of just how much credence she gives to the opinions of others. A case in point is the fact that Mammito mocked her dance skills.

Tanasha Donna
Musician Tanasha Donna

Yes, Ms Donna is as stiff as a board but so what? Not everyone is a great dancer. But rather than let it slide, we were “treated” to another video offering of her whining her waist in the stiffest manner I have ever seen.

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Why did she feel like she needed to respond to Mammito and the thousands of Tanzanian women who had mocked her dance skills showcased during her live performance with Diamond Platnumz?

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna needs to grow a thicker skin

It is because she has a rather fragile ego. The small jabs are enough to do some significant mental damage. And while a lot of the population is susceptible to the highs and lows of social media likes and comments, someone with millions of followers like Tanasha Donna would do well to grow a thicker skin.

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She cannot keep exposing her mental health and wellbeing to attacks and comments from millions of followers because let’s face it, she will soon become mentally worn out from the pressure.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna could try therapy

So maybe she should look into getting her managerial team to find a solution such as hiring someone to be going through and moderating the comments. Bigger celebrity brands in America and Europe do exactly this.

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Or maybe, just maybe, she could, you know, actually begin to do the work required to fortify her mind and actually become stronger in the face of such comments because let’s face it, alot of people online are trolls.

This would be the healthier and far more long-lasting solution as opposed to messing about and feeding her insecurities. Because for all we know, the next opinion pieces online might push her over the edge Britney Spears style.

I would also strongly recommend Tanasha Donna starts going for therapy. there is nothing wrong with her taking care of herself like you would service your vehicle or a Swiss watch.

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