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Tanasha Donna thinking she dumped Diamond Platnumz is just hilarious

November 23, 2022 at 15:06
Tanasha Donna thinking she dumped Diamond Platnumz is just hilarious

Tanasha Donna is very attractive and I can tell that when she enters a room – her presences is noticed immediately but even with all that fineness; Diamond Platnumz couldn’t find a reason to chase her after she decided to come back to Kenya.

Diamond Platnumz replaces Donna with look alike

From what I remember is that Diamond Platnumz moved on as if nothing happened; and Tanasha having left his home made her feel like she had dumped the WCB CEO who we all know likes to trigger his women into leaving by starting affairs around.

Rumor had it back then that just like Wema Sepetu, Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto – Diamond Platnumz handled Tanasha Donna the same way by replacing her with Patricia Aika Matthyse who is producer ‘P Funk’ Majani’s daughter.

Tbt: Tanasha replacement

Well, with the photo shared above – i guess its only fair to see that inorder for Dimaond Platnumz to get rid of Tanasha – he had to cheat with someone of her caliber (in terms of looks) and Tanasha being one with a big ego….she left in such a mess that her Prado was repossessed by Diamond Platnumz.


Again we also heard that Tanasha Donna was ready to marry Diamond Platnumz to a point she converted into Islam (Bi Aisha) but the funny bit is that she wasn’t ready to share him – knowing very well that Muslim men are allowed to marry upto 4 wives.


And Diamond Platnumz having bagged another finer girlfriend to the picture….is the reason our Kenyan girl continues to feel like she left Diamond Platnumz hurting but her case is no different with….if you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen.


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