Tanasha Donna Vs Bridget Achieng and what we are seeing unfold

Image: Bridget Achieng speaks after teenage boy allegedly lost his life at her Nai Fest event

Tanasha Donna and Bridget Achieng have come to an impasse. Each is accusing the other of bad business practices and everything is unfolding right before our eyes on social media.

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The crux of the beef is the fact that Tanasha Donna was meant to perform at naifest as one of the headlining acts but after a protracted back and forth, she pulled out of what turned out to be a destructive event that even saw a young Kenyan by the name of Shaddy killed by the events security (allegedly).

Tanasha Donna
Songbird Tanasha Donna

While that previous information has no bearing on the beef between Bridget Achieng and Tanasha Donna, what we do know from the larger than life and rotund socialite is that she claims she had contracted Tanasha for the concert. On her part, Diamond’s former beau asked to be linked up with West African musical acts for the opportunity to work with them which Ms. Achieng claims she did her best to set up.

“That’s even why Diamond Platnumz dumped you!” Bridget Achieng fires shots at Tanasha Donna who failed to perform at Naifest 2 (Video)

After a while, Ms Donna came back with a demand for her (former) manager, Jamal Gadafi, to be given the job of MCing the Naifest concert. Bridget Achieng considered the demand and was not too happy about it as they had already signed a contract with Tanasha’s team. She however acquiesced. That was when the third demand was made; money. And this was the last straw that nearly broke the camel’s proverbial back. She was livid. Ms Achieng was very unhappy about this request especially since it was made at the eleventh hour and felt to her like sabotage.

Tanasha Donna
Musician Tanasha Donna

After weighing the pros and cons of the new demand, she finally decided to acquiesce as she was the one in a precarious position. And so she agreed to pay Tanasha Donna for her performance but lo and behold when the day came for rehearsals and sound checks, Tanasha cooly informed her she wouldn’t be performing as she was in Kenya’s Coastal region.

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Bridget Achieng revealed all of this information when she was interviewed by Telehmani. The problem with all this is that it actually is in keeping in character for Tanasha Donna. She has been reported to be a rather lazy individual and her lack of new musical projects and shows seem to support this assumption people have of her. It is also in keeping with the complaints her own team have about her whenever they leave her employ. So the grumbles are being given credibility.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna with Masauti team up for Liar jam

The major problem about all this is that neither parties leave the mudfest unstained and while Tanasha Donna attempted to walk the high road and not engage Bridget Achieng, the damage is done. On Bridget’s part, it looks like she is a piss poor manager, especially when dealing with talent as it was reported that not even the main headliner, Reekado banks was paid by her. So perhaps, there was a financial issue and she is simply using Tanasha Donna as a scapegoat.

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Whatever the case may be, she will have a hard time filling her next few concerts as the ghosts of her failure linger on. And at the end of the day, the two ladies emerge from this slugfest even less loveable than they already were so both their brands have taken major body blows.

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