Tanasha is wasting the golden opportunity Diamond Platnumz gave her

Image: Tanasha Donna´s EP Launch

Tanasha Donna needs some serious friends who can check her and also push her to be more than the lazy baby mama she has been for the majority of the year.

The only 2 logical ways Tanasha Donna can afford her expensive lifestyle

If that sounds harsh then you do not really care for the truth because at the end of the day…

Tanasha donna advice

What I am basically driving at is the fact that Tanasha Donna dated the biggest star in eastern and Central Africa. As a result, she saw her IG numbers balloon phenomenally. Actually, Diamond was the sole reason for her growing social media numbers.

Tanasha Donna should have taken the time to heal from Diamond Platnumz

What one would have expected Tanasha Donna to have done once the relationship died and Diamond was done with her is for her to take full advantage of the newfound fame and begin releasing music. Tanasha should have hit the studio and shot out one single after another until she found her voice and sound. Tanasha Donna should have tasked her managers with hunting down endorsement deals that she would then have put on her social media platforms. She could have taken several endorsement deals and especially given the fact that she had just had a baby a few months prior, she could have targeted getting motherhood deals.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna

Instead, she has been gallivanting across Mombasa, beefing with Edgar Obare and some females fans who asked for a photo with her. It honestly makes you question Tanasha’s business acumen.

Mama Diamond Platnumz explains why she refers to Tanasha Donna’s son as “Kichwa Kubwa”

We have watched tanashaher go from being the most popular female celebrity as one half of the most followed after celebrity couples to her being a shadow constantly whining about Diamond.

tanasha donna
Tanasha Donna celebrates 25th birthday in style!

Atleast Zari used her complaining to grow her clout further, Tanasha has just been complaining and posting nonsense and it breaks my heart. And this is something I have been saying all along but it seems Tanasha Donna doesn’t have the fire that is needed for her to go all out and put her recently found fleeting fame to great use.

And at the end of the day, Tanasha needs to understand she is on borrowed time because the minute Diamond and his new bae begin trending, she will be forgotten much the same way Hamisa Mobetto was. And at that point, she will start putting in a lot of effort for less than half of the clout she would have received had she struck while the iorn was hot.

And I am clearly not the only one of this opinion as you can see below from this Tanzanian blogger who at one point was Tanasha Donna’s biggest fan:


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