Tanasha´s poorly calculated move that will badly cost her son Naseeb Junior

Tanasha Donna is a woman who means business when she decides on it and this time, she is running her own non-profit organization.

The young mother of one recently launched the Tanasha Donna Community, a foundation that seeks to give back to society especially to the less privileged.

Whether or not she is following in the footsteps of her Bongo Flava maestro of a baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz, we leave that to her.

Ex-lovers, Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna

At least they both agree on one thing: Giving back.

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Foul play

Unfortunately though, it came to the attention of fans that she might have turned her son´s IG page into her own charity foundation and it didn´t end well for her.

There was nothing wrong with giving back, but why did she have to sacrifice her son´s account to that of her foundation really?

Tanasha with son, Naseeb Junior

She edited Naseeb Junior´s Instagram account to read TanashaDonna Foundation, a move she was forced to quickly rethink after numbers started dropping drastically.

Naseeb Junior´s account had 153k plus, followers before she turned it into a charity page. The media personality further put up three photos of her works of charity and fans massively unfollowed.

That was like getting forced to follow an account you weren´t even privy to.

Tanasha Donna

The numbers came down to 152k followers before she deleted the photos and edited it back to Naseeb Junior´s account.

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Noting the difference, she quickly undid her move and instead opened another IG account for her foundation where she urged fans to follow back.

Currently, it only has 830 followers.

Meanwhile, her son´s page stands at 151k followers as we speak.

Will she or Naseeb Junior´s account ever recover? That remains unanswered.


Her foundation

Anyway, regarding her foundation, the 24-year old revealed she has always believed in giving back and that through her small team, she hopes to duly deliver.

I have always believed in giving back & I feel blessed to be surrounded by good people & have the small team that I have who believe in the same. 

Clarifying that this in no way means she´s got too much in her pockets. Not at all. But it is in the spirit of giving, that comes fulfillment.

Tanasha Donna

For her, giving does not mean you must be wealthy, but in sharing the little that one has been blessed with.

???????????????????????? We are not perfect nor stinking rich, but the little we can, we give back. It starts small. By giving back to your family, friends, mama mboga or even your askari downstairs, to helping children or people with special needs. Its the little things that matter. However small, or big, its the gesture that counts & I believe more blessings blossom from these small kind acts.

The Kenyan singer revealed all her works of charity will also be documented on her page.

Kenyan artist-turned philanthropist, Tanasha Donna

From children´s homes to special needs organizations, she would have it all taken to account.

On this page, I will be posting the different homes that my team & I will be visiting, We will go round various childrens homes, people with special needs, organizations & share THEIR contact numbers as well so if interested, you can also help them.???????????????????????? Follow @tanashadonnacommunityservice_

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