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Tanasha’s Ramadhan attire that has insulted the Islam community (Photos)

May 18, 2020 at 09:40
Tanasha's Ramadhan attire that has insulted the Islam community (Photos)

They say, when you go to Rome, do as the Romans do. I’m not quite sure why they picked Rome but let’s go with the flow.

So this phrase is yet to sink into Diamond’s baby mama, Aisha alias Tanasha Donna’s being who voluntarily chose to convert to Islam but with zero clue about the religion in the first place.

Tanasha Donna’s revealing attire has irked the Islam community, many calling her out for disrespecting the religion and if she doesn’t feel like it, then she is free to exit.

Kenyan artist, Tanasha Donna

After all, they stand nothing to lose.


Tanasha caught the eye of her fans when she first posed with media personality, Jamal Gaddafi, while dressed in a short skirt and nothing to cover up her hair or legs.

Tanasha with Jamal Gaddafi

She was given the first warning to either match up or leave. Especially since it was the holy month of Ramadhan which called for fasting, prayer and humility/decency before Allah.

Just a month!

Ms Aisha seemed to have listened and even though not stepping out in the traditional hijab, she tried to get it a little loose and well covered.

Tanasha Donna

However, soon after the advice got through one ear, it quickly escaped through the other ear and we are back on the drawing board.


On recent photos, Mama Naseeb decided to flaunt her flat tummy with a sleeveless tiny orange crop top and in another, an open chest, long sleeved crop top.


Orange is the new Black baby. 🍊🥕

Ms Donna

Neither are her short skirts spared.

Tanasha Donna

Many have been left wondering how much it would cost her to lower her ego for once and just put on the hijab, for just one month – which is now but weeks.

She did step out once donning a red hijab with a good part of her body supposedly modestly covered.

Tanasha in Islamic attire

Something she seems to be doing behind closed doors or when the need arises.

The 24-year old has now decided to parade acres of skin, caring less who she is rubbing shoulders with, well for her, she needs to live life by her rules. Periodt!

Tanasha Donna

Her dressing trend has ignited uproar among her social media fans whether Mulsim or not, because being Ramadhan, her respect and values of the religion should be at its best.


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