Tanzania´s Dully Sykes reveals the other side of Harmonize

Bongo artist, Prince Dully Sykes has revealed that unlike many other flourishing artists, Harmonize is very respectful to him.

According to him, Harmonize is a pretty successful artist with massive collabo requests from artists across the African continent, but his respect is at a notch higher.

During an interview with Wasafi FM, the fine tuned singer shared:

@Harmonize_tz ana heshima sana, hata kunisalimia ananisalimia tofauti na wasanii wengine, huwa anainama ananishika miguu.

Nampenda sana, hata hapo Jumatatu tuna shoot video.


Dully Sykes reveals that his fellow ¨Kadamshi¨ hitmaker is quite humbled and doesn´t let fame get into his head.

Harmonize ni msanii mkubwa sana, unadhani wasanii wangapi wanatka kufanya nae ngoma lakini ananipa mimi heshima.

Kuweka collabo zetu kwenye You Tube Channel yake ni Makubaliano yetu, anafanya vitu vingi sana.

Further on, the antique choreographer shares that artists including Burna Boy are all over, trying to get a collabo with Harmonize.

@burnaboygram ananitafuta anataka nifanye nae ngoma.

Alimwambia hata @Harmonize wakati walipokutana nae Nigeria.



The two youthful bongo artists, Harmonize and Prince Dully Sykes are the voices behind the famous ¨Inde¨ and hit song ¨Kadamshi¨.

Their music videos are undeniably of superior quality as Dully Sykes shows off his ageless dance moves as part of the clips.

¨Inde´s¨ fine threads and fine tunes are a revelation of both good taste and conscious grooming.

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