Tedd Josiah Explains How Daughter Inspired Him After COVID-19 Contraction Scare, Advices People To Check On Each Other

Tedd Josiah had been off social media for weeks. On his return days ago, he revealed his health status is deteriorating but he only has one source of inspiration; his daughter. The single father  disclosed he started feeling unwell and thought he had contracted Coronavirus. But after getting tested, results came out he was negative, but his blood pressure was not normal.

Tedd Josiah’s Worst Fear Becoming A Reality?

My first wife left me because I was a really bad boy and immature - Ted  Josiah - Ghafla! Kenya
Tedd Josiah and his daughter-Google

Weeks ago, the music producer had also opened up on his fear of becoming sick to a point where he can no longer take care of his daughter. Even though his health is not that good, he’s hanging on there and looks healthier. On social media, he gushed over his daughter Jay, saying;

”The one motivation i have to get well & stay alive is #HRH Jameela Wendo “Love” and that alone is a strong enough motivation for me through this season.
She’s known am unwell and has been busy giving me medication, covering me when am feverish & hugging me with the words “I love u daddy” and those alone have made a world of difference
LIVE ???? LOVE ???? LAUGH ????
And give thanks to God!
#theManMom #RaisingJay 

In addition Tedd has also advised people to check on each other during this tough time.

”Check on those u love
Human life can end in seconds always check in on those people u love who make a difference in ur life and keep them in ur prayers”

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