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Tedd Josiah: Let you woman first enjoy love making if you want to get her pregnant

July 05, 2018 at 12:51
Tedd Josiah: Let you woman first enjoy love making if you want to get her pregnant

Producer Tedd Josiah was recently on Instagram to share that men should give their women the best under the sheets before they can get them pregnant.

Josiah was lost his wife,Regina Katar, last year after she gave birth to their first born. The producer has managed to raise his child but needed a lot of help, including from his fans on social media.


In his post, he asked men to be in every step of their child’s birth and always support their wives.

Here is his post.

Ladies the gift ? of life is one that only you can bring to this world. That isn’t an easy task and honestly i think every single man with the intention of having a child with a woman should allow to her enjoy the love ? making ???, enjoy conceiving, enjoy the pregnancy ?, buy everything she craves for (mine was drives to town from Runda to buy Sanford fries ? at strange hours), let her have everything she needs and wants, be there thru the labour and delivery (without passing out!! ??) and be there to wash, clean, change and bond with both mommy ? and Baby ??.
This is a letter i wrote my dear #HRH Her Royal Highness #Empress #GummyBear ????? the day she was born 21-06-2017 at 10am after a long unsuccessful labour that turned into a C section and a week in hospital with baby and mommy recovering.
@reginahkatar watch over your little cub ? so she can become the Empress you wanted her to be ????
To those going thru the journey at whatever stage, enjoy EVERY STEP, to the men HELP HER ENJOY cause we sure can’t carry any more than the little soldiers inside us and a beer ? belly ???
#RaisingJay #TheManMom



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