Tedd Josiah Narrates How He Got Broke And Depressed While Raising Daughter By Himself

Raising a baby by yourself needs a lot of determination. A mother’s instincts drives her to do anything to provide necessities for her baby. What happens when the mother dies just months after giving birth to her baby? Only the father is left to provide. Things won’t be the same for the baby.

As Kenyan music producer Tedd Josiah reveals, he underwent a couple of struggles during the early months of raising his daughter Jay Jay. After his wife passed on, he also lost his job. The double loss got him depressed and of course, broke. At this moment, he felt like giving up, but his daughter gave him reason not to look back.

Tedd Josiah and his daughter-IG

On his gram, the widower wrote,

”I remember these early months with JayJay
Loosing my job, running up rent arrears of nearly 500k, my heart bleeding everyday from the pain of loss and grief, having no one around me at all and the worst part… THINKING TO MYSELF EVERYDAY “YOURE GOING TO FAIL!”

“You’re going to loose, you’re loosing your mind, your house, your job is gone! Your now going to fail this child in the worst way! What do you think you’re doing trying to raise an infant alone???? This is going to end up in premium tears…. how about you just give up already?? You know you’re a failure…”
Depression had me locked in my room daily and the few people who brought light into my life was JayJay and someone else who committed to making sure i DONT break.

We are going to our fourth year now without mama, it’s been a process of self determination and discovery, ups and downs, building upon a legacy and keeping on going….
God has your back even when you walk through the valley of the shadows of death. I been there and i know. GOD CAME THROUGH in the valley of the shadows of death.
Please never EVER give up…”

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