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Tedd Josiah’s reasons for not dating are rubbish

March 22, 2021 at 14:03
Tedd Josiah's reasons for not dating are rubbish

Tedd Josiah has popped back up on my radar as he has shared the fact that he gave up on finding a woman to date and he shared the rather peculiar reason why he has given up on the possibility of it happening any time soon:

Tedd Josiah Narrates How He Got Broke And Depressed While Raising Daughter By Himself

I’ve had a lot of questions about this issue and let me put it out clear.
Raising a girl 👧🏽 with a very strong character personality means she’s got to be comfortable that the person in my life is not here to break her but to build her up.
Am building the dreams of a Great lady who passed away with the wish that her legacy would live on. She is the “KA” In Jo-Ka-Jok (Josiah-Katar-Josiah). How many women would marry a man busy building an empire for his daughter to inherit from her late mother?
The dating game in nowadays if full of men/ women ready to have a fling for a moment and a good time. But no ones ready to roll up their sleeves and say “am here for it all, the good times and the bad times, the highs and lows” in-fact when you hit a low patch even your friends and employees start to look at you like a person with leprosy thinking that money is forever flowing not knowing that life is a journey of ups and downs.
Don’t get me wrong, love ❤️ and finding a soulmate is an EXTREMELY beautiful thing.
But it gets to a point in life were if she ain’t coming to build with u, if she’s he’s gonna keep u waiting holding on and hoping she/ he will choose you while she/ he examines other options as a human you need to focus and the goals dreams and ambitions you have without the weight of a confused heart and some just come to confuse your heart and ad weight to it.
To have a life partner is to have a person that believes in you, not your money, not your status not the material things you own but you as a human.
I had that, to settle for less than what i had is impossible.
This is my current frame of mind
#RaisingJay #TheManMom

Tedd Josiah

Tedd Josiah is always preaching about an image he portrays rather than qualities he actually espouses

I read this post and couldn’t help laugh at it. Rather than leave it at the point where he says he is busy building his empire, he felt the need to introduce his daughter to the excuse. In all reality, she has no say.

Tedd Josiah Explains Why It’s Hard For Him To Re-marry

You see, as a father, Tedd Josiah’s responsibility to her is to ensure he doesn’t invite someone into his life who would abuse her. It ends there because he has a life to continue living. And if he has indeed made the decision not to date or remarry, then he should own that decision in its entirety.

Tedd Josiah

Joka Jok CEO, Tedd Josiah

And this is indeed keeping with his nature: always bringing up his daughter and using her as a justification for his decisions. One has to wonder whether he does the same thing for the other children he sired and then abandoned.

Single dad Tedd Josiah exposes wicked woman who attempted to kidnap his daughter

Look, at the end of the day, haya yote ni porojo ya kuongeza followers social media akijifanya yeye ndio father of the century. And the hypocrisy of it really bothers me. Tedd Josiah is always talking about one of his children and only one. The one he approves of. Let it not be forgotten that he was accused by his former wife, Cynthia Akoth, of abandoning their children.

Tedd Josiah

Veteran music producer, Tedd Josiah

This man should first own up to his failings before he starts preaching to men about fatherhood and what it takes to be a good husband. He and Derrick Jaxn are in the same bullshit camp. But man can change so perhaps he has worked on that his relationship with his two older children.

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