Tedd Josiah strongly condemns society´s way of mocking men for being emotional in public

Image: Tedd Josiah speaks up on men´s emotional well being

Music producer and businessman, Tedd Josiah has opened up on how the ¨big boys don´t cry¨ statements have landed men in the coffins and on the trenches.

In a long Instagram post, the proud father to a daughter posed:

Ever wonder why there’s so many men in clubs getting drunk ???? beyond? Ever wonder why they show false bravado & are extra nonchalant with their emotions and feelings? Why they don’t cry ????? Cause big boys don’t cry?

Before answering:

It’s simple. Weakness is crying, weakness is showing ur emotions for anything other than football, weakness is being afraid so show false bravado & be “strong” for the weak are lesser men……


To mothers, to sisters, to wives, he reminds them all that emotions can never be deleted, but instead, they need to be let out, for a man to be free and sane.

Ladies this leads to ur man bottling things he should be speaking to u about and they will come out in one way shape or form…. Emotions cannot be slept away, brushed away, wished away or deleted.


Thinking back to how ´bottling up emotions´ in men began, he explains:

It all begins when our boys fall off their bikes as toddlers and we tell them “get up don’t cry cause big boys don’t cry” when they don’t do so well in school and we tell them “man up u can’t be a failure u must beat everyone else or ur weak”
I’ve seen this over and over and at 13, 15, 18, 25 and now in my 40s I’ve seen good men take their own lives because the people they loved outsourced the “let’s talk” to a psychiatrist to sort and they bottled up and blew up in suicide. Were they weak or neglected and ignored?

Unfortunately, once it has began, men will forever have to battle their emotions in ways that don´t make them look ´weak´.

There’s an age I’ve not mentioned cause at that age (30s) men have developed so much false bravado that they use copping mechanisms to deal with these things like infidelity, alcoholism, barbaric behaviour & violence…. those who have no conscience continue with it but those who wear their hearts on their sleeves find it a tough road and still end up bottling up cause ur wife don’t want to hear ur nonsense….

Society will somehow always condemn men who look ´fragile´ for expressing their emotions publicly.

Ur pals will think ur weak…. ur parents will wonder “why isn’t he strong like his father….”


As he closes up, Tedd´s final words are:

Look out for ur boys, they become men and their emotional well being is as important as their books, careers, money and wealth….

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