Tedd Josiah unearths beautiful memories of late wife Regina Katar with daughter during her 3rd death anniversary

Image: Tedd Josiah and Regina Katar

It marks 3 years since legendary music producer Tedd Josiah lost his wife, Regina Katar, leaving behind a months old daughter under his care.

Sunday, September 27, Tedd marked a day that only left behind memories of a woman he loved so deep they were privileged to welcome a baby girl into the world, but a journey that ended soon as it started.

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Looking back, a dear Tedd wishes his late wife was here just to see their adorable daughter Jay Wendo grow.

Tedd Josiah’s daughter Jay Jay Wendo

But that is as far as the wish goes.

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Reliving Regina Katars memories

The Kenyan music producer who doubles up as a businessman, rekindled beautiful memories of his late wife, in a series of cute videos and photos when she was still alive.

First, was this adorable video of a heavily pregnant Regina, rocking her grown baby bump and looking all shy before the camera.

Before recalling a time when his wife shared a photo sweetly holding onto their newborn baby girl with the message waiting on daddy like…” A photo that speaks to his heart and his past and forever remains to tell a beautiful story.

In 2017 sept 27th mama JayJay sent me this picture of my ladies waiting for me to come home from work…… It’s a little thing maybe even irrelevant, but for me it meant i was wanted. I was loved, I was needed & most importantly I belonged to a home ???? ????

Regina Katar with young daughter, Jay Jay Wendo

Summing it up with a montage of his two gorgeous girls back when they still could clinch onto each other, admitting that every child deserves to know of a mother’s love.

Regina Katar with daughter, Jay Jay Wendo

And in a long, moving post, Tedd lectured people who claim love no longer exists wishing they could just see and feel what true love is like.

Hardly did he ever see the storm coming but all they have to hold onto today, are the memories made.

Keep resting mama JayJay keep the choir in heaven on its toes with ur voice and keep watching over us ????????????, he tearfully wrapped up.

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