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Teenage socialite Shakilla detained

October 13, 2020 at 10:08
Teenage socialite Shakilla detained

Word has it that 19-year old internet sensation Shakilla was taken in for questioning yesterday evening.

The lass, through her Instastories yesterday afternoon, was spotted riding to an undisclosed location. Indicating she was going to check out, how her ongoing construction projects were fairing on.

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That was basically early afternoon and all seemed well, only to later receive news that the chocolate-skinned lass was in detainment.

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Shakilla taken into custody

The babe took to her Instastories at around midnight, informing fans she was being held up and probably spent a better part of the night locked up somewhere, yet to be disclosed.

Shakilla arrested

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Word has it that Shakilla got herself into the arms of the law, while at Mlolongo where her arrest took place.

Fellow ratchet socialite, Sherlyne Anyango urged Shakilla’s close allies and family to get in touch with her and find out what was going on.

Shakilla arrested

Details of the party girl’s sudden detainment and the reasons behind it, however remain unknown.

Going by the recent history of the baby girl, she has clashed with several prominent individuals whose image she left distorted. Some seeking to take legal action against her, others forcing her to issue an immediate apology for her sentiments.

Popular socialite Shakilla

The barely 20-year old’s string of friends and personalities have been a subject of concern among Kenyans. With majority believing she is easily being misguided and taken advantage of.

Others brutally condemning the ID-holder for her unfiltered actions, warning her against ruining her own future.

In the most recent, the babe was spotted hanging out with controversial comedy kid, Mulamwah. Barely days after breaking up with long-time girlfriend, Sonnie.


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