Terrence Creative needs to love his wife away from social media

Image: Milly Chebby and Terence Creative

Terrence Creative recently took to his Instagram account to celebrate his wife, Milly Chebby and while doing so, he decided to take shots at her perceived haters who routinely body shame her.

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I for one did not understand why he chose to cheapen his sentiments by also focusing on his wife’s naysayers and detractors who actually have a great point (although their delivery is garbage) about her weight and body image.

Terrence Creative, Milly Chebby
Terence Creative and wife Milly Chebby

You see, Terrence Creative has attempted to virtue signal and show us how noble a creature he is by saying he finds his wife sexy with her weight and all but that only highlights the fact that he is well aware her shape is an issue. Her size is an issue. And he further dug himself into his bullshit by inviting those same haters to share their opinions.

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I mean, sure he was celebrated by all the other fat feminists who no man wants to try and settle down with but really, he lost more than he gained and you do not need to be on “big brain time” to understand why.

Terrence Creative, Milly Chebby
It’s interesting that when Terence Creative cheated on Milly Chebby he went for someone slimmer than her

Milly Chebby is fat. And that is not someone trying to shame her, that is simply a factual statement of facts. Terrence Creative too is fat. When she celebrates him, she never talks about the body shamers. She makes her message about him.

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This clown, on the other hand, invited opinions and while many were too scared to address the fact that she is fat on that post, the trolls are still going to come back and he has given them ammo.

Terrence Creative
Anita was bashed for sexual affair with family man, Terence Creative

He needs to keep some of the facets of his life offline. That means that he needs to keep the areas of his life that matter to him on a deeper level offline. If you love your wife, celebrate her in your daily life. Whenever couples take to social media to tell us how much they love each other, often that is an indicator they are going through the death of said relationship.

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Love Milly Chebby Bwana Terrence Creative but stop inviting us to your celebration of love. You not only cheapen it but you also invite opinions right into your bedroom for a few cheap thrills and likes.

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