Terryanne Chebet a heavy alcohol drinker? She defends herself

Did you by any chance know that Terryanne Chebet likes her liquor? Actually we have every reason to believe that she enjoys drinking abit too much and thanks to a QnA – the former business anchor says she does it for fun.

From her response to a QnA post where a fan wrote asking;

Maureen Waititu and Terryanne Chebet

Do you get concerned that the amount of alcohol you consume is dangerous to your health?

A question that seems harmless but when you read it again…the meaning kinda changes. It’s like the person asking about Terryanne’s alcohol consumption – knows her on a personal level.

Alcohol is to be enjoyed

Well – seeing how Terryanne responded to this post somehow proves that there is something maybe we haven’t been told about the mum of two.

However according to her, Alcohol is beverage to be enjoyed not abused….but then, everyone has there limits – there are those who can take 2 bottles or whiskey to feel ‘the high’ others more or less….so question is what is her limit in this case?

I mean it wouldn’t be thaaaaaat polite to a point a fan has to ask about her alcohol consumption right? There’s more to it.

Anyway responding to the fan, Terryanne wrote;

No I don’t!

Alcohol is to be enjoyed not to be abused. I advocate for alcohol drinking. Drink better not more, you know?

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