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“Thank you for your support and encouragement!” Betty Kyallo finally speaks!

March 31, 2020 at 17:18
“Thank you for your support and encouragement!” Betty Kyallo finally speaks!

Betty Kyallo finally speaks after her intoxicated live Instagram video went viral portraying a different BK from the one we are used to!

The lady who also happens to be a mother of one went on live to tell off those expecting the impossible from her. BK made it known that she is also human and just like everyone else, she deserves some fun away from work.

There are however a few characters here and there who have bashed her for the video showing an intoxicated BK!

Apparently since some children look up to Betty, she is then expected to act holier than thou – something she has refused!

Thank you to all fans

Anyway in a few new videos shared on her Instagram page; Ms BK took the opportunity to thank everyone who sent her hugs for being a strong, independent and single mum!

Most of her fans have encouraged the mother of one to continue speaking her heart out every once in a while; to help reduce the stress and pressure of both family and work.

Kenyan mompreneur, Betty Kyallo

This was however the first time BK opened up showing fans a side they had never seen! Judging from BK’s don’t care attitude at the time; it’s only fair to realize that she is not only a celebrity but a human being who just made it to the lime light!

Go getter!

So far, everything on her side seems just fine even with the coronavirus taking over the world.

BK has made it her business to empower women and the girl child everywhere she goes – so calling her a mentor isn’t so bad right?


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