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The Alchemist Club On The Spotlight Once More

June 27, 2022 at 13:38
The Alchemist Club On The Spotlight Once More

Popular Nairobi club The Alchemist is once again on the spotlight after an obnoxious incident that involved the club’s bouncers and a lady.

You’d remember vividly a few weeks ago the club was the talk of town with alleged racism. The paramount issue led to the closure of the joint for a few days while investigations ensued.

Last time, a viral video of the club ignited rage among netizens. In the viral video, the Club’s bouncers are seen sending away black Kenyans at the entrance asking them to join the queue reserved for Kenyans of African descent according to the person recording the video who can be heard in the video’s sound.

This time, the bouncers are seen man-handling a lady at the club’s entrance/ exit.

Kenyans React

The issue is currently trending on twitter and has brought rage among netizens, with most of them calling for it’s indefinite closure. Here’s how some of them reacted:


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