The arrogance of Mwalimu Rachel in dispute with Sailors is off-putting

Image: Mwalimu Rachel spends night behind bars following assault on upcoming artiste

Mwalimu Rachel thinks her response to the queries surrounding her management of Sailors is a smart response from “an independent woman who don’t need no man™” but it is the type of trash manipulative slave drivers spew when they think they are above reproach. Not because they handled their affairs above board but because they are aware their victims can’t do anything to hold them accountable.

Mwalimu Rachel speaks after Sailors Gang drag her into yet another money scandal

You see, she is speaking about a group of artists whose talents, whose artistry is meant to pay their bills. Chances are high that they have no other focus or even skillset outside of their artistry. And they have been embroiled in a war of words with their former management team spearheaded by Mwalimu Rachel whose husband, K-Letta, by the way, is an artist (one has to wonder why she didn’t take advantage of him like she is doing with these boys).

Mwalimu Rachel
Mwalimu Rachel charged with robbery with violence

She on the other hand has been in the entertainment industry for quite a while so she knows the ropes. She also knows how to play with the naivete of these lads and she decided to “permit them to use her YouTube account to promote their music”. Thing is, she is the one who benefitted from this “risky” move. It begs the question of why she didn’t teach them how to create their own channel and understand the rules of YouTube including monetization. The more we delve into the topic, the more questions are raised about Mwalimu Rachel.

Mwalimu Rachel: Sailors have no one to blame but themselves

You see, when someone brings an issue to you that touches on how they pay their rent, feed themselves or take care of their loved ones, one of the worst things you can do is for you to come off as callous or to attempt to posture yourself like you’re above discussing certain things. If you’re going to be silent, STFU! If you’re going to speak up on things, you cannot have the nonsense of acting pompous.

Mwalimu Rachel
Radio personality, Mwalimu Rachel

To put this into perspective, she decided to manage some kids who no one really knew. She decided to take on that risk of her own volition. Did she help the kids? Yes. but she was a slave driver too and in today’s world, you cannot run a business like a plantation. And Mwalimu Rachel is on the record for having squeezed Miracle baby’s (the frontman of the group) friend’s nutsac and she joked about that too. So now we have a pattern becoming clearer.

Sailors Gang Vs Mwalimu Rachel, a case of exploitation, malice and utter greed

Now that her product has begun to take off, she feels she is owed their success. And that is a problem. That entitlement is off-putting. Let the boys go. if they fail, you were right all along. Go you. If they succeed however…

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