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The Bahatis are Kenya’s Kadarshians and here’s why

April 27, 2020 at 09:03
The Bahatis are Kenya's Kadarshians and here's why

Bahati is one of the most loved and reviled Kenyan celebrities in equal measure and equal intensity. The guys who love him do so from the bottom of their hearts and those that can’t stand him wouldn’t piss on him if he were set ablaze.
And that is true for his wife Diana Marua.

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But their marriage, even as discussed and gossiped about as it is, is one of their biggest business brands. Bahati and his wife have managed to do what only the Kardashians could; make a business out of their day-to-day mundane family lives.

When the reality TV show Keeping Up With The Bahatis or whatever it was called, Kenyans hated on it and the content of the show. It trended on Twitter with Kenyans on the platform sharing their unsolicited opinions of the show and their take on who Bahati is as the head of his household. But they tuned in every week regardless.
Blogs reported on the content of the show which is a very good barometer of just how popular the show was. Entertainment blogs as most of you do not know, are business entities so they have to sit where their readers do and report on what brings in said target audience.

Bahati chilling

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We watched Bahati navigate his co-parenting agreement with Yvette Obura and saw him mishandle her emotions. We saw him navigate his relationship with his wife and their children aswell as deal with her relationship with his baby mama.
We watched Bahati fail and succeed and we cheered and jeered along. Isn’t this exactly what we do with the Kardashians? We embed ourselves in their lives as if we are the flies on the wall and we watch with an almost morbid fascination anticipating their next stumble or fall.


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Love is a beautiful thing ,it has no age nor class , it's a matter of two hearts & chemistry CROWNs it all. Love is a decision made by an individual to stick to their partner and embrace all their faults and strengths, @diana_marua you are a super hero good wife to @bahatikenya , Yes Bahati is an orphan ,so you qualify to be his mom, we are all mothers to our husbands, even the ones carrying succession pacs with empty pockets ,still wants to be pampered 😭😭😭, Pamper your man and take care of your family. People talking shit behind you , are already behind, they can't obstruct you neither can they be a stumbling block in your life, they dont hate you ,they want what you are carrying, even that your Bahati they want him,🙏🏾🙏🏾💪💪, bahati, those men want your wife , but nobody will want to have your children because they are a responsibility. ENJOY YOUR HOME ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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I mean, even Bahati’s marriage to Diana Marua has formed such juicy content for WhatsApp groups and blogs just as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s relationship has. We watch Bahati and his wife squabble about issues such as his focus on his work and their fights and argue over whether they are staged or real-life issues.

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We have watched Bahati go from being Mtoto wa Mama to becoming a star and growing the resultant ego that has made him an ass.
And guess what, we will continue to do so if we are given the opportunity to.

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