“The child was innocent didn’t deserve to die” Groove winner Guardian Angel recounts poisoning ordeal

Guardian Angel’s story is typical of most celebs who rose from poverty to make it big in the industry. The 2018 Groove Artist of the year however went through a near-death experience while he was still a boy.

The singer narrated his story during an interview on Kiss FM. Guardian reveals that poverty forced his mother and him to live with her mom’s friend.

He however says the friend got tired of hosting them and she attempted to poison him just to get rid of them. The evil friend ended up poisoning her own child instead as her daughter mistakenly ate the food that was laced with poison.

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

“It was God. He gave me a chance and protected me. Actually…that day my mum gave me a thorough beating because I came home late from school. Kumbe hii kuja late is what saved me. We no longer talk with the woman,” said Guardian Angel.

She didn’t deserve to die

Guardian says his family didn’t celebrate the child’s death because she was innocent. Her mom and him however moved out of the evil woman’s house after the incident.

“As a family, we did not celebrate of course because the child was innocent and she did not deserve to die. Vile walienda matanga, tulikua tushahama na mabeshte wengine pia wa matha. When mum came back, we rented a single room house na tukaanza kuishi huko. We only had a bedsheet, a stove and a sufuria. Life was still very hard there because my mother was jobless and she had to raise money for rent,” Guardian Angel narrated.



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