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“The complications are unbearable” Vera Sidika warns about cosmetic surgery following butt implant removal

October 06, 2022 at 13:14
"The complications are unbearable" Vera Sidika warns about cosmetic surgery following butt implant removal

Vera Sidika says she got her butt implants removed and thanks to the photos shared on her page – we are not sure whether to believe she truly had them removed or its just photoshop.

Vera Sidika allegedly removes butt implants

But come to think of it, imagine if that big ol’ booty was just nothing but silicone? All those years? No wonder the side effects right?

Anyway from what Vera Sidika says is that she no longer has her signature big behind following health issues and now that she is a mum and is hoping to grow her family….she did what was best for both her and family.

Not a joke

Well like i said….chances are 50/50 as to whether she is telling the truth….i mean having spent Ksh 2 million on her cosmetic surgery and then having to throw all that away? Doesnt make sense.

However, having experienced what it means to have implants – Sidika has now come out to warn women against modefying their bodies because of the many health risks. She revealed this in a post saying;

The side effects and risks of butt implants and surgeries do exist. The complications are unbearable. Some people don’t make it out alive. Some are lucky to survive it.


Ladies. Don’t ever do this to yourselves.

And now that she regrets having ignored some of the testimonials from women who had faced health issues from such surgeries….all she can do is hope her story will inspire others.

Also this might also explain why she decided to settle down and start a family asap. Good thing is that her husband seems like an understanding person.


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