The Edgar Obare conundrum and lack of trust Kenyans have in the police force

Image: Edgar Obare

Edgar Obare came out with a sensational claim. Apparently, yesterday when he presented himself to the Kiambu law courts for the hearing of a case instituted against him by Natalie Tewa, he was kidnapped.

Sadfishing? Media personality Joe Muchiri takes a swipe at blogger Edgar Obare, calls him out for clout chasing

According to the micro-blogger who has amassed a cult-following, the perpetrators of his kidnapping were members of the DCI whom he claimed identified themselves as such and then proceeded to arrest him in front of his lawyer before driving off with him.

Edgar Obare
Edgar Obare showing how he was kidnapped

You can read more about Edgar Obare’s harrowing experience on Ghafla but what remains a mystery besides who the culrpits of his kidnapping were is just who was pulling the strings and what their motive could be.

“They beat me and took pictures of my penis” Edgar Obare cries after hours of suffering in the hands of the Kenya Police

The thing about a guy as popular as Edgar Obare however, is that he attracts haters in equal measures. He has gotten a rather vociferous counter-voice in the shape of Joe Muchiri who is adamant that the narrative being peddled by Bwana Obare is false. According to the former Capital FM man, he is convinced that everything was stage-managed as it doesn’t have the hallmarks of police involvement and he doesn’t indeed raise some very interesting questions such as why Edgar has no bruising on his face.

Edgar Obare
Joe Muchiri to Edgar Obare

On the other hand, people like me who think this is a credible story believe it to be so because Kenya’s police aren’t exactly the brightest bulbs in the socket. They are specifically selected to be dim and violent with a low threshold for questions. So when they get paid, they are more than willing to do all sorts of nonsense that only criminal elements would deign worthy of their efforts. We have seen Kenyan police officers shoot and kill children, we have seen them get themselves involved in political assassinations and have been on the brutal end of their antics on civilians. Hell, they killed nearly as many people as Covid19 had at one point simply trying to “enforce” the government-mandated curfew.

Worry after Edgar Obare gets arrested, his location unknown

And we saw the manner in which Edgar Obare was originally handled by the DCI and the police when he was originally arrested. This would be keeping in line with the same narrative. Afterall, he has made powerful enemies by running his tabloid micro-blog on IG and as a result certain people who would rather not have their personal lives scrutinized would be invested in either “teaching him a lesson” or getting him out of the way and setting an example with him.

Edgar Obare
Edgar Obare´s charge sheet

Whatever your take on the matter, whether you agree with Joe Muchiri that these are shenanigans or you agree with edgar Obare that something fishy is happening, stay safe.


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