“The gospel industry in Kenya is a joke!!!” Former Miss Universe Kenya Rachel Marete echoes Jalango’s sentiment

Weeks ago Jalango unapologetically rebuked gospel artistes for ‘ungodly’ content.  Former Miss Universe Kenya Rachel Marete reiterates that the Kenyan gospel industry is a total joke.

Marete says Kenyan gospel industry is all about money and fame and not spreading the gospel of the Lord. She says most Kenyan Gospel music are just club banger with the word Jesus or God mentioned a couple of times.

“Heck, Kenya is the only place I’ve been where gospel music gets played in clubs with people twerking to it! Really. It’s a thing. Heck, I once saw a girl give a sexy lap dance to a dude in a club to a popular Kenyan gospel song WHILE singing it to him! ? So damn awkward… but it’s a thing. No. Really. I seemed to be the only one that found it weird too ??‍♀️. Not to mention Kenyan gospel “Kesha” concerts are pretty much every Kenyan teen’s “rave experience” since parents won’t let them go to clubs. Just smuggle in booze and get down to the beat all night and AAYEEE it’s a lituation ??????‍♀️. Sorta a right of passage, if you will,” wrote Rachel Marete in part.


Gospel musician and a producer

Marete, who currently resides in US, also narrated in lengthy Instagram posts how a popular gospel singer and a producer turned out to be the real devils after her interaction with them.

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