The gospel musician who wrote the profane song “Yesu Ninyandue” talks

Eldoret-based Gospel singer William Getumbe has stirred controversy with his latest song ‘Yesu Ninyandue,’ drawing criticism from Kenyans who perceive it as blasphemous and a mockery of Christianity.

The lyrics include phrases like “Yesu ninyandue, yesu ninyandue, nipate mimba ya imani,” which we won’t translate due to its explicit nature.

In response to the backlash, Getumbe defended his work, claiming that those passing judgment lack righteousness themselves. He explained that “nyandua” has various meanings, and in his song, it symbolizes a petition to God for elevation. He argued that music often uses indirect language as a form of creativity.

Getumbe also criticized fellow Christians, pointing out their engagement in activities like watching pornography while condemning his music. Despite facing criticism, he remains undeterred and acknowledged the predominantly Christian demographic in Kenya.

While the song has elicited negative reactions, Getumbe remains open to the possibility of performing it in church if invited. He highlighted his extensive musical career, including six albums before his latest release.

The audio of “Yesu Ninyandue” on his YouTube channel has garnered significant attention, amassing 14k views since its premiere on February 12. It is rated 18 years and over due to its explicit content.

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