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“The journey was tough mama, but God carried you” Kambua to Size 8

November 21, 2019 at 13:05
“The journey was tough mama, but God carried you” Kambua to Size 8

Pregnancy and child birth is not a joke and if you thought things get better after the 9 months – then you have never walked in a mothers shoes!

Singer Size 8 has every reason to celebrate and thank God for walking out of maternity alive and most of all with her new born baby.

Size 8 becomes a proud mother of 2

Just a few hours ago the mother of 2 opened up about her struggles with child birth for the second time. Just like when she was pregnant with Ladasha Belle, Size 8 battled with hypertension again – something that almost cost the singer her life.

Through her Instagram page Size 8 shared a short clip from her YouTube series ‘The Muraya’s” narrating how hard her pregnancy was for the second time.

Size 8 breaks down during her baby shower

Kambua’s word of encouragement to Size 8

Having been blessed with a handsome baby boy just a few months ago, singer Kambua now understands what it means to be a mother.

For this reason the lady joined the many celebrities and mothers sending Size 8 congratulatory messages, word of encouragement and just prayers to see her through all this.

In a post seen by Ghafla, Kambua went on to write saying;

Size 8

Today I celebrate Mama Wambo @size8reborn for crossing over victoriously! My own journey has taught me that it is nothing short of a miracle to conceive, carry, and birth a child. The journey was tough mama, but God carried you. We welcome your little one kwa shangwe na nderemo!!💃🏾🎉 Ah! Jehovah did it! You are dearly loved. May He pour more grace on you in this season 💛💛💛.


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