The Kansoul and Vivian have teamed up on a new club banger dubbed ‘Accelerator’ and we love it (Video)

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About a fortnight ago, I wrote an article urging The Kansoul to treat is to another hit. I had noticed that despite featuring The Kansoul is irreplaceable! in various collabos, the group had not released a song of their own since September last year.

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I was not aware that they had something in the works seeing as they released a new banger a few days later. To top it all, The Kansoul decided to feature Vivian in the song  titled Accelerator or Serereka if you like.

Just as the name suggests, this is a party song. There is no message here ladies and gentlemen, sorry to disappoint you. It’s just a feel good song, the kind will lift your spirits in a snap.

The Kansoul
The Kansoul

All the three singers i.e. Mejja, Madtraxx and Kid Kora had great punchlines in this song. I, however, feel that none of them came close to the latter. There’s a part where he says, “kama kuku ni ndege basi samaki ni meli” and it will leave you with so many questions.

Vivian also did a great job on this track, if you listen keenly it almost seems like she’s rapping as the song begins. Her wordplay and lyrics was also on point. She brought a different vibe that was just awesome.

The video concept was simple. It’s probably the same as all other videos by The Kansoul. People just dancing in an outdoor setting while Mejja, Madtraxx and Kid Kora go about their thing. The only difference is that this time  around it has a girlish vibe (read as umbrellas) because of Vivian.


Just like most songs by The Kansoul, Accelerator was produced by Madtraxx himself and to be honest, he outdid himself on this one. You might argue that the beats in their songs are pretty much the same but I feel this one has a twist. Does it though?

Watch Accelerator (Serereka) below and tell us what you think.


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