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Akothee and her love: why we don’t expect it to last

November 02, 2022 at 22:01
Akothee and her love: why we don't expect it to last

Akothee has a new man and she wants the world to know she is more than simply enamoured, she is in love and planning to spend the rest of her life with this new mzungu.

Akothee Responds To Online Trolls Criticizing Her With Mzungu Bae

But not everyone is convinced and a Facebook microblogger recently erroneously claimed she was in her 7th relationship with a 7th man and he went on to list some of the men.

But one thing that Akothee forgets is that she is the one who created this very situation that offends her so. You see, no one really goes around digging in her trash to find out what she’s up to. She is the one who never skips a beat when it comes to keeping us informed of what happens in her life.

Akothee Reveals Naughty Bedroom Secret With Her Mzungu Hubby

Remember when she was dating her immediate ex, Nelly oaks? Who would have known they were an item if she had kept her tongue tamed? No one.

Akothee with lover

And sadly, Akothee’s penchant for constantly chasing the headlines means that we are all too aware that she isn’t the type of woman who can sustain a relationship. Why do we say this? Because the aspects of her personality that she chooses to keep flaunting are the type that makes pair bonding very problematic.

Akothee Displays Divorce Certificates From Her Wedding That Costed Ksh 2500 (Photo)

Aside from this, we also have to admit that Akothee made a habit of crying wolf for no real reason. She is always trying to convince us that she is in a new relationship. Only for us to find out that it was either short-lived or a stunt for a song she is releasing. Then she turns around and gets upset that no one believes her. The lack of accountability on her part is head-splitting!

Then there is the little-understood reason why most do not take her new relationship seriously: she has been love-bombing a man she met just the other day. Why would that make us doubt whether or not she is serious? Because this is an adult who has dated another for mere months who is now declaring undying love. How long does it take for a relationship to transition from infatuation to something more substantial? Definitely not weeks.

Sarah Kabu praises Akothee for being an independent single mother

If indeed Akothee is going to marry her latest catch, we wish her nothing but the best. But as they say, hope for the best but plan for the worst. And the worst is that this farce will be exposed for being exactly that.

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