The new drama between Tanasha Donna and her manager Castro is very telling

Image: Kenyan songbird Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna is having issues with her manager or should I say former manager, Castro. According to rumours, the two are no longer seeing eye-to-eye and a recent post by Tanasha Donna seems to have solidified the validity of the rumour as she took to her Instagram account to announce the fact that she is now working with a new manager.

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While nothing is known about the nature of the reason as to why Ms Oketch is no longer working with Castro, our interest in the drama was piqued when Castro went on IG to ask kenyans to help him with a hospital bill he and his family had been served with after their father was hospitalized as a Covid19 patient. The bill had run up to seven million shillings and Kenyans and indeed East Africans found it strange that Tanasha had not posted a thing about her manager’s request for financial aid.

tanasha donna
Songbird Tanasha Donna

Infact, it was rather peculiar that the only reason she eventually posted a quick story asking for help for Afrrican Castro was when all her fans called her out for her callous lack of concern. And therein lies a key indicator of just who Tanasha Donna really is.

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Alot has been said about the little lady, mother of one and dependent of Diamond Platnumz’super stardom for relevancy but the one thing that is of interest is that she is accused of being entirely self-serving.  For those of you who do not know the trajectory of Diamond Platnumz baby mama, she was an erotic exotic dancer at B-Club. Nothing wrong with that to be honest. She then managed to move over to radio. It was while she was at radio that her name began to ring to more than just the crowd of West African and Congolese men who would request the establishment over at Galana Plaza.

tanasha donna
Musician Tanasha Donna

While she was at NRG radio, she did indeed build a platform for herself but she has been unable to capitalize on it ever since Diamond left her high and dry as she has struggled to match any sort of success she had while dating Mondi. Even as she worked with Castro, she would get gigs and we would hear that they were cancelled for one reason or another (Naifest which was promoted by Bridget Achieng) and even her media tour was a terribly executed one and from what we heard, Tanasha Donna was at fault.

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So when we see her part ways with Castro and rather than issue a proper statement explaining the reason behind the decision, she simply puts up an IG story, one can’t help but wonder first, whether she is indeed a serious artist and second, whether indeed she is as bad as the rumours about her nature intimate.

tanasha donna
Tanasha Donna

At the end of the day however, the day ends.

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