The only 2 logical ways Tanasha Donna can afford her expensive lifestyle

Image: Tanasha Donna´s EP Launch

The other day, I argued that for Tanasha Donna to continue living her life as she did while she was with Diamond Platnumz was not only irresponsible, it was also going to result in her being broke and bankrupt.

Tanasha’s insistence on maintaining Diamond’s living standards will bankrupt her

And so it was that when she decided to celebrate her birthday, she chose to go out and party in Mombasa. While there, she was spotted by some Kenyans minding their own business who decided to share with micro-blogger Edgar Obare a video of her during her festivities.

tanasha donna
Ms Tanasha Donna

The first question that came to mind was where is her son? Then the next thing that came to everyone’s mind was “How is she able to keep living like this?” and a lot of people actually vocalized this question.

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You see, the logical outlook of her life lets us know that she cannot really be rolling in the dough. She is a former radio personality who wasn’t on radio for long enough to actually have created a healthy amount of savings. Add t that the fact that she has only really released a few songs that cannot be providing her with enough passive income for her to be balling.

tanasha donna
Tanasha Donna

Also, Tanasha Donna hasn’t really had any concert of note that she can say gave her some lumpsum money. And she doesn’t exactly come from a well off background -which is why she was a dancer at B-Club before she got on radio… So where is she getting the money she is blowing from?

Wataona gere! How Tanasha Donna marked her lit 25th birthday (Photos)

And the answer to that conundrum is that it could only possibly be from Diamond Platnumz’child support or that she has found herself a sponsor… And there is this:

slay queen

And we have to ask ourselves just who there a birthday in Mombasa recently… You connect the dots.

Anyway, at the end of the day, for her to be able to afford her lifestyle without having a verifiable source of income that we can see and say is viable, the rumours shall persist. Understandably too, Diamond Platnumz could be the man supporting Tanasha Donna but in truth, Mondi is not that type of man.

At the end of the day, the day ends. But Tanasha has to start investing more in protecting her brand before she can even think of promoting it and she needs to focus on actually churning out music. At this point I am not too far from the truth when it comes to my assertion that Tanasha Donna Oketch is a one hit wonder.

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