The only benefit Nick Ndeda gets from dating Betty Kyallo

Image: Betty Kyallo babying new fling, Nick Ndenda

Betty Kyallo has found a new man who is more than willing to celebrate her and declare his love for her ion Nick Ndeda and while we re happy for her, there are some issues that keep popping up.

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For starters, Nick Ndeda is reportedly still married or should we be talking about separated from his wife -who is hot- which makes us realise Ms Kyallo has a type -and they all have a wedding band.

Betty Kyallo

Then there is the fact that a video has surfaced on the interwebs that features her enjoying the company of a man who is rumoured to be a notorious playboy.

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And this raised the question in my mind as to how exactly Betty Kyallo’s new man benefits from owning and claiming a woman who has as checkered a past as hers.

Betty Kyallo
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Why would a man who by all impressions is a successful city lawyer decide to date a woman as old as Betty Kyallo (she is in her 30s) and one who has as littered a past as hers is.

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And the only reason that comes to my mind for a man to date her is for her elevated status. If Nick Ndeda wants to elevate his popularity for his lay practice, then he has succeeded at that.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo flaunting curves while on holiday in Uganda

Betty Kyallo is a very popular celebrity fixture in Kenya and everyone is digging up as much information as they can get about her new man. That is the only real benefit he can get.

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It gets even better if he is looking to vie for political office. Why? Because Kenyan voters do not engage their brains while at the ballot box and we merely vote for whomever pops up in our minds.

Betty Kyallo

That is a great reason for Nick Ndeda to date Betty Kyallo. Because at the end of the day, no one takes their relationship seriously. And there are great reason why this is the situation they face:

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For starters, Betty Kyallo seems to be a proponent of free love. Literally one month ago while she was in Uganda, a video has surfaced showing the world she was there with a man who probably sponsored for the holiday. And no man is happy to date a woman constantly linked to other men -unless he doesn’t respect himself.

Add to this the fact that if he ever wants to start a family with her a geriatric pregnancy looms and you can understand why I am of the opinion the cons outweigh the cons.

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