The only player without a salary! Alikiba misses opening match for his new club Coastal Union

Alikiba’s dream of becoming a professional footballer finally come to fruition after Coastal Union F.C. signed him for one season 2018/2019.

Coastal Union drew 1-1 when they faced Lipuli FC on Wednesday August 22nd in their first match of the season. Alikiba however didn’t play for his club, he wasn’t even anywhere close to the stadium where the match was played.

Alikiba training
Alikiba training
Terms and conditions

Alikiba signed a non-payable one year contract with Coastal Union. The contract does not bar him from doing his music or going on tours to perform.

The Bongo singer was away in Canada, for his ‘All Star Music Tour’ that started last Friday, when his club was playing their opening match of the season.


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