The real reason Size 8 wants to fight for DJ Mo revealed

Image: Size 8 before (left) and now (right)

Size 8 and DJ Mo are going to fight for their love. And while they are selling this as a romantic decision, I would argue that it is not. You see, DJ Mo went on his social media to cry us a river with this soppy message:

We were right, DJ Mo and Size 8 shouldn’t have gone the reality TV route

This is my wife @size8reborn
Nothing will change till I die , the mother of my children and the foundation of my family ❤️…There’s so much I can say. I will not run or hide …
We’ve had our ups and downs .While reprehensible, the human me is beyond the battle, and I don’t think there can ever be a better moment to say I’m sorry and I love you ❤️ . God chose me for you, I know I drive you crazy at times, but you know nothing good comes without its share of problems…
Through the ups and down we have been together, you know I never back down from a challenge this is no exception. I am blessed to call you MY QUEEN no matter how big the distraction seems.
Together forever babe , LET the world know you my one and only …YOU COMPLETE ME ❤️…
HAPPY 7th Anniversary .
7years here we are ????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️

Size 8
Feuding couple, DJ Mo and Size 8

But I would argue that there are more -let us say, pragmatic reasons as to why DJ Mo is going to be forgiven and the couple will continue to push their marriage brand. And I would argue love has nothing to do with the reasoning behind their decision. Let us delve into the logical reasons why Size 8 really had no choice but to double down in her marriage:

“Fight for your marriage, cheating is a minor offence” Betty Bayo tells Size 8

Size 8 would become a single mother of 2.

Size 8
Mother of two, Size 8

One of the most difficult decisions Size 8 has had to make in her entire life was whether to stay with DJ Mo. And the fact that the couple has been blessed with two children is a major factor in her making the decision to stay.
You see, DJ Mo cheated with some random trollop and this humiliated his wife. However, Size 8 knows that should she pull the trigger on her marriage like Maureen Waititu did, she will more than likely end up single. And no man worth his salt wants a woman with two children unless ofcourse, he has his own brood that he would bring to blend into a family. Size 8 knows that were her marriage to DJ Mo to come to an end, she would struggle to move on with her life and find a stable committed relationship.

Size 8: DJ Mo’s side chic proves women are their own worst enemy

Truth is, this is a heavy fact to come to terms with but I think it also is a smart decision.

Their brand as a couple makes money.

Size 8
DJ Mo and wife, Size 8

Let’s face it, Size 8 is aware that the most valuable aspect of her brand is the wife/ mother image she so carefully cultivated. Together with DJ Mo, they are also seen as the go-to stable Christian celebrity couple and they are known to be the guys who often counsel other relationships such as that of class clown Bahati and his wife. So yeah, sticking together is more lucrative than splitting up. And who knows, if they can work through this, it will solidify their image that much more as now they will be an authority on matters surviving infidelity.

Size 8 blames husband’s cheating ways on the devil

DJ Mo is quite a catch.

Size 8
Size 8 and DJ Mo

Let’s face it, Size 8 will struggle to get a guy as solid of a catch as her husband. He is both high net worth and high value. Were she to decide to leave her man, she would likely have to compete with the dregs of low value men regardless of their net worth. These would be men she would struggle to find arousing and stimulating. And as one of my mentors once explained to me, “women are willing to share high value men rather than have a faithful low-value man all to herself”.

She allegedly has a past.

Size 8
Kenyan gospel minister and artist, Size 8

Yup. Apparently, Size 8 has a history that allegedly involved her nearly becoming a second wife to the point where that man’s family nearly came to an end. That situation only came to an end when that man in question was given an ultimatum by his wife and he decided to let go of Size 8. Perhaps DJ mo knew about this. Perhaps he didn’t and this was just a case of the universe finding equilibrium but one can see why she would be compelled to be more understanding if indeed she could recognize the situation from her past.


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