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The real reason why Caroline Mutoko never shows private life on social media

March 01, 2019 at 07:38
The real reason why Caroline Mutoko never shows private life on social media

Former Kiss 100 FM host Caroline Mutoko has a young cute girl, a nice house, an even nicer car and some really fancy clothes but you’ll never see her flaunting them on social media like many others.

According to Mutoko she simply doesn’t talk or post about her personal life on social media because she loves her privacy.

“For some people, it’s a non-negotiable (sharing their personal life on social media), I am one of those people. It is not up for discussion and for me if you ask anyone who works in media like Caroline Mandi of True Love she will tell you that I am very clear, my home is off limits. My home is not available and my circle of friends have the sort of lives and jobs that can’t afford nonsense and actually sometimes we both need plausible deniability to each other,” she said. 


Nduku with her mother, Caroline Mutoko

Mutoko also knows how people can be very critical on social media another reason she shies off. Her home is therefor her only escape and a place she gets a piece of mind.

“So I don’t share that. I feel that sharing that leaves me very little in terms of places I could retreat to a cocoon or cave of love and understanding and just us-ness that has nothing to do with the rest of you. So yes there are some people who will say no and I am one of them. And even when I have said yes before, I have watched the monster that can be social media and I have to choose very carefully what can be put out there, how much and in what manner,” Caroline said on her YouTube channel.


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